Monday, October 1, 2012

Trip Update and Letters to Baby #12 - August 13, 2012

Sorry for the lack of posts the last couple days.  Obviously things have been busy!  We got back from our trip very late last night.  I had the day off today and had grand plans of sorting through pictures and blogging, but I ended up doing three loads of laundry, pulling out the Halloween decorations, cleaning parts of the house, running a couple errands, and hanging out with Jacob instead.  I baked up some brownies (brownie mix + pumpkin--yum!) and caught up on days' worth of other people's blog posts, rather than blogging myself.  I will, soon, I promise.  But it probably won't be tomorrow either, because my college roommate is coming here tomorrow and we're driving to Buffalo for a concert she has been absolutely dying to see.  Her countdown on Facebook has been pretty entertaining.  I like the band, but I love time with my roommate even more...even more than 12 years after we last shared a room.  So that will be awesome. 

In a nutshell, the trip was pretty much exactly what I thought it would be.  It was awesome to see Atlanta for the first time.  The baseball game was pretty awesome and the rest of our sightseeing adventures were interesting, at the very least.  Parts of the trip were fantastic, other parts were not.  Jacob got increasingly crazier as the trip went on, undoubtedly thanks to sleep deprivation.  He slept fine at night, but our early departure on Friday, lack of real afternoon naps all three days, and two late nights led to absolute madness by the end, and it wasn't until Jacob woke up from today's nap that he seemed to have reverted back to the relatively cool kid that I know he can be.  I knew that was a risk when I booked the flights, but figured it would be worth it.  Overall it probably was, but holy cow we had some moments where I wasn't so sure.  Even Craig and I had a couple not-so-great moments between the two of us, because (as we've known previously but often tried to ignore) we vacation differently.  We probably should be one of those couples that go on separate vacations, but that just seems weird and I don't think we're that progressive as a couple.  The pregnancy was an added odd wrinkle to this one--tiredness and inability to carry stuff actually bothered me more than I expected--and in more ways than one this trip was an interesting preview to our trip to Florida with Craig's family next month.  I'm glad we did it and I have some fantastic pictures and fun stories to share, but I was insanely happy to drop into my own bed at 2am this morning.

Anyway, more details to come...but in the meantime...let's transport back to mid-August...

Dear baby,

I'm not going to call you baby-to-be now, because you're becoming more and more real.  You're a real baby in there now, and if, God forbid, something happened, you'd probably come out looking pretty much like a normal baby.  A little funky, but more or less baby-like. 

I heard your heartbeat today.  I had a doctor's appointment and I was a little nervous because I'd felt different the last few days.  To be fair, I was sick the other night—not sure why—and I was a little worried that somehow it affected you or something.  Happily, it just appears that the nausea is easing up a little early like it did last time.  I still don't feel great, but better.  I'll take what I can get.
Anyway, seeing that I was a little nervous, I had a couple terrifying seconds when the physician's assistant couldn't find your heartbeat.  She moved all over looking, and assured me that at this size with that equipment it's not always easy to find.  But I was nervous, and it was a huge relief when she finally found you.  Music to my ears.  Glad to know you're still in there and apparently doing well.  Now I have to wait another four weeks to hear you again.  I already can't wait. 

You're the size of a kumquat this week, and I can totally picture you in there at that size.  I almost swore I could feel you moving today, but it was probably either gas or wishful thinking.  I read somewhere on the internet someone that was feeling the exact same sensation at the same point that I'm at (10 weeks), so maybe it's possible if you're in the exact right spot.  It'd be nice if I could feel you because I'd feel that much better knowing you're in there and moving, but it'll probably be a few more weeks before feeling you is a common occurrence.

Now that I'm feeling a little better, I'm eager to start enjoying this experience.  I know it'll get frustrating as I get bigger and realize all I can't do or can't wear, but I dealt with it last time and I'll do it again.  The nurse at the doctor's office told me not to lift more than 25 pounds, which is a problem since your brother weighs 40 pounds and I still like lifting him up for a big hug.  That's probably going to be my biggest challenge.  But I know this experience is amazing and I was sad to have it end early last time, so I know that it's something worth enjoying while it's here.  It'll probably be the last time I do this, so I need to take it all in this time.

But I also need to sleep, especially since I'm expecting your brother to wake us up tonight thanks to a little nighttime potty training experiment we're testing out.  So good night for now...


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