Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween and the Hurricane

It's been a busy few days.  Monday started a little iffy because I realized a little bit into the morning that I was experiencing some pain in the vicinity of my left kidney.  Nothing bad, just generally uncomfortable.  Given that I just had a UTI, I decided to call the doctor and get their thoughts.  They wanted me to come in, so I went out at lunch for a check.  My urine didn't show any normal signs of an infection, but there was a bit of blood in it--nothing obvious, just traces.  That can be caused by a lot of things, even something as simple as lifting something too heavy.  I still haven't heard back officially, which I'll take as a good sign.  I have my scheduled appointment on Monday, so at least I can follow up then.  Things have been fine in the meantime, other than being a little sore, which could be my own fault from overdoing it for a few days.  Like I said, we've been busy.

Obviously the other big thing earlier this week was Superstorm Sandy.  My heart breaks for the folks downstate and along the East Coast.  Having just been to the Jersey Shore last year, it saddens me to see the devastation there.  We came through the storm unscathed here, and actually, it was less terrifying than other storms in recent memory.  Monday evening I left work a little early to go to Jacob's daycare open house, and I was actually happy I did because the rain and wind were getting a bit worse by the time I got there.  They ended up postponing the open house due to the weather, so we ended up having an early evening at home for a change.  

We started pumpkin carving that night as the winds howled outside.  I scooped out the guts of the pumpkins, and Jacob tried to be helpful.  In the end he probably didn't scoop out much, but he put on a good show and stuck it out for longer than usual.  He really wanted to do some cutting, but even though we use dull knives, I still don't think he's ready for that!  He bailed, though, before we got to the faces, and it was bedtime by the time I was at that point anyway, so I put that off until Tuesday.  

The storm itself involved a lot of rain.  The wind was pretty strong, too, but for whatever reason it didn't scare me as much as usual.  Perhaps it didn't make the house creak as much as usual because the winds were coming from a different direction, or maybe I just knew that they weren't forecasting winds as strong as other storms we've seen recently.  Even still, it ended up being a rough night.  I slept pretty well until a little after 2am, at which point I woke up to silence and darkness, along with the beeping of our phone, as the power went out.  Well, it flashed on and off about 10 times in 10 seconds, and then went out.  Jacob woke up around 4am and realized the power was out (since his nightlight, humidifier, and monitor were all off, leaving just his little Toy Story alien light as his nightlight).  I assured him everything was fine, and he went right back to sleep.  Still, I woke up quite a bit for the rest of the night and confirmed our power was still out.  First thing in the morning I woke up and used my phone to check if daycare was closed or if there was anything important we should know about the storm.  But things were pretty much normal aside from a ton of school closures, so I got up, showered in the dark (leaving my hair dry since I couldn't use a blow dryer), and got back to business as usual.  I think our power came back on sometime late Tuesday morning...and thank goodness, since I had some baking to do for today's Halloween bash at work.  We saw a couple branches down here and there, as well as an entire uprooted tree around the corner, but for the most part our area escaped any significant damage.  

Last night I went to the gym and might have overdone it a bit.  I didn't work out too hard, exactly, but I'm still exploring what my body can and can't do at this point.  Some muscles still work the same, some don't.  My belly/core area is extra hard to work with.  I'm avoiding straight ab exercises but still trying to work my core and obliques a bit to maintain some strength there.  Going to class is a little challenging at times since you can only alter so many exercises, but I want to keep it up as long as I can since I did it 7-1/2 months last time!  Back at home I made dinner, carved faces in our pumpkins, ironed Jacob's costume, and made two loaves of monkey bread for my office.

Carving faces was a challenge.  I was trying to involve Jacob, but he couldn't really draw me a picture of what he wanted.  He wanted a skeleton originally, then got the idea to do a pirate.  We argued for a while about the test face I drew, but I finally got him to agree to it.  That didn't stop him from critiquing me while I carved, though.  I finally got some ideas for my pumpkin as well, and finished them up right before Jacob's bedtime.  Here's the finished product...

After a lot of work last night, I was up early again this morning to ensure we were ready for Halloween. Craig was also up early for a work commitment.  I didn't wear a costume this year because the belly was a challenge and I just couldn't come up with anything inspiring to work with my in-between size--I couldn't wear sexy costumes, I didn't want to wear some giant foam costume, and painting my belly was just not an option.  I wore a sequined orange tank, black cardigan, skinny jeans, and high boots instead, along with some pumpkin earrings from my Grandma's collection.  At least I was festive!  Jacob, on the other hand, was very excited to wear his costume to daycare.  And oh, he looked so cute.  After mentioning about 400 other costumes in the last year, he ended up as a policeman when we couldn't find the pirate he wanted in his size.  He was happy with the cop, though, since it meant he got a whistle, among other things.  I also outfitted him with handcuffs (long story) and a very fake looking squirt gun.
He was very excited to see his friends in their costumes, and his class was well-protected with one other cop, a SWAT team member, and Batman.  They'd had no candy yet this morning but were all already wired!  I very much enjoyed the assortment of food at work (ahhh, the benefits of being pregnant during the holidays!), and Craig picked up a little boy who was VERY eager to trick-or-treat.  Craig fed him dinner right when they got home so he could at least get in his costume, and once I got home and ate, we layered ourselves up and headed out.  Did I mention Jacob specifically requested that I take him out?
Ready to go!
Fortunately, the weather cooperated.  We were supposed to get wind and rain tonight from remnants of Sandy, but it didn't happen.  It was cool but tolerable, with just a couple drips of rain.  Pretty ideal, actually, all things considered.  We went up and down our street, and Jacob did very well.  It took a few houses to get him in the groove of waiting until the door opened to say "trick-or-treat!", to stand in the right spot when the door opened, to understand if he needed to grab candy or they would give it to him, and to say "thank you" at the end.  But as a whole he did awesome.  He was mostly adorably polite and got great reactions to his costume.  I was very proud of him when he got it all right.  He had a lot of random observations about peoples' houses and driveways, but he was pretty cute to walk with.  We got through maybe 15 houses or so (maybe 35 minutes total?) before he decided he was done (and had to pee).  We had about three lighted houses (and a few dark houses) left before getting back to ours.  It would have been nice to see him finish it off, but not bad!  He then rang the doorbell at our house, walked in, said "trick-or-treat!" and "I live here!" before taking his piece of candy from our bowl!  It was pretty cute.

I had told him he could have two treats when we got home, and he promptly settled himself in the kitchen with a box of Nerds that he dumped on a napkin (all on his own!) and a Kit Kat (that he later exchanged for a pack of Sixlets).  He was very eager to watch the other trick-or-treaters come to our door.  We had a good amount (though I swear they come in in carloads from somewhere else...), and still left ourselves with a tolerable amount of candy.  Just enough!  Despite the limited treats, Jacob was pretty hyped up and popped out of his room at 10pm to inform us he didn't need one of his stuffed animals.  Ugh.  We'll see how tomorrow goes!

All in all, it was a good Halloween.  It's been a busy few days, so hopefully we can fit in a little relaxation before the weekend!

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