Sunday, October 14, 2012


This weekend we had the opportunity to come to Buffalo for some quality family time.  It has been a while since we've seen my extended family, so it was nice to come in for the annual family Oktoberfest.  My cousin, who lives in Reno, was in town for the first time in a while, so it was good to see him, eat some tasty food, and hang out with my family.  The only bad news was that the weather was crappy and Craig had to work a lacrosse game back in Rochester.  No, the Knighthawks season hasn't started yet, but there was an exhibition match between the Iroquois and U.S. National teams, and he was doing the TV broadcast.  

It was good timing because I had to go to the Old Navy at the Galleria Mall because it's the only one in the entire area that has maternity clothes in-store, and I desperately needed to get some new maternity jeans.  The only ones I have--one XS and one small, both bootcut, low-rise jeans--are OK, but one pair squeezes me a little funny in certain places and the other pair is a little too big to wear at the moment.  And now that I can wear jeans to work, I wanted a couple pairs to alternate.  I'm not going to buy many maternity clothes this time around, so I'm OK with getting some jeans that I will wear a lot--even for a while afterward--if they're more comfortable or add something to my wardrobe.  After much debating, I bought two pairs (thank you, well-timed 30% off coupon)--one pair similar to what I have (but seemingly more comfortable), and a pair of skinny jeans.  I can't really believe I bought them, but they look better than I thought they would and if I can figure out enough things to wear with them, I'll keep them.  Something new and different for me, and they'll work well for tucking into boots all winter.  Apparently they make maternity skinny jeans a little roomier than the regular ones, which don't fit my calves, among other body parts.  So, that was interesting. back to LAST weekend.  Last weekend we had an opportunity to meet my parents in the home of their college alma maters, Alfred, NY.  It's a tiny little town in the middle of nowhere, but it's home to two colleges--Alfred University and SUNY Alfred.  My parents may have come from the same hometown, but college is where they got together, each one going to a different school.  They're right across the street from each other, and the campuses are very pretty nestled among the hills.  

My cousin, Chris, is an athletic trainer for Ithaca College, and Ithaca was playing Alfred University in football.  It seemed like a good opportunity for my parents to revisit their college days, and it was a chance to bring Jacob down there and see a real, live football game.  The weather on the way down was rainy and cold, but once we met my parents for lunch, the weather cleared.  It was still quite cold, but when the sun peeked through the clouds it was pleasant.  The leaves on the way down were stellar, and the view at the game was lovely.  I'm not sure this picture even does it justice...

Alfred captured a surprising blowout win, and Chris even had a couple opportunities to run out on the field and assist with some injuries.  It took some hot chocolate to get Jacob over the cold and get him in a better mood, but the whole game he was eager for it to finish so he'd have a chance to get down to the field.  Here he is with the same smirk I got in a lot of pictures in Atlanta.  Better than nothing, I guess...

And here are Jacob and Craig playing football on the field.  Jacob actually had a great kick, low but straight. Kicker is the only football position I've given him the green light to play, so we'll see if he ever pursues that!

After the game we took a quick drive around the campuses to relive old memories and see what's new.  I love this picture I took of this "castle" on the Alfred University campus.  The building itself is beautiful, but with the leaves and the dark sky, it's even better.

My heart belongs to Geneseo, of course, but Alfred was a lovely little town to visit and it's within my ideal driving radius for college someday, so who knows? :)  It was a fun afternoon with my parents and I'm glad we got to take Jacob to a real football game.  The leaves were an unexpected bonus, though if I wouldn't have been driving I would have had the opportunity to take some pictures to document it all.  But it was a fun day and I'm so glad we made the trip!

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