Monday, October 22, 2012

Skinny Jeans and other Randomness...

I am wearing skinny jeans in public for the first time today.  Six months ago I probably would have thought I was nuts to ever do that, let alone do it while pregnant.  But as I hoped, apparently maternity skinny jeans leave a little more room for various curves, and since the waist doesn't have to be an exact fit, finding a pair that works while pregnant is considerably easier than finding regular ones.  I think they look fine, though I feel a little too trendy for my normal state of being.  I don't think they're age-inappropriate or anything, but I'm normally just not that cool.  Ten years of boot cut jean-wearing will do that to you.  I do like how they hug curves, though, and they will be a welcome wardrobe addition come winter when I'm not trying to stuff boot cut jeans into my boots.  For now I'm suffering through an uncomfortable pair of flats and I have a couple other pairs of shoes that are fine.  I'm not going to say they're overly comfortable, but that could just be because I'm not used to having anything this fitted, nor am I enjoying the fact that I can't easily scratch my often-itchy legs through them.  But I will suffer for fashion.  Today I'm wearing a maternity top that makes me look HUGE.  It's a cute shirt, one of the first ones I ever bought, but for whatever reason it makes all of my upper half look big.  But...the skinny jeans sort of offset the hugeness so I guess it works.  Maternity clothes are just a whole different ballgame anyway, so if there's a time to explore some mild fashion risks, now is probably not a bad choice.  People are more likely to give you the benefit of the doubt or be distracted by your belly. 

It was an interesting weekend as I more or less had the weekend off from mommy duties.  My friend Heather came into town on Friday, and Saturday Craig and Jacob took off for Buffalo to go to a Halloween party at our niece and nephews' school.  It's the same one we went to last year.  They didn't go because Heather was in town, but I suppose Craig figured we'd want some girl time so it made sense to go.  During the time that we were all in the same house, Jacob absolutely loved playing with Heather.  I don't know if she just oozes the "I spend all day with kids" thing since she's a Kindergarten-First Grade teacher, but he was constantly asking her to play.  It was pretty cute.  Heather and I had a good time, of course, though Saturday was a bit interrupted when she came down with a migraine.  We did sneak in a little shopping (I got a set of wall hooks for Jacob's big boy room, future home for his jerseys and hats), and then headed home so she could nap.  I spent that time putting together lasagna for dinner, and then we ate and watched a movie in between gab fests.  Turns out nearly 30 years of friendship provides for plenty of conversation topics :)  Sunday we went to church, did a little shopping to kill time until our lunch restaurant of choice opened, had lunch, then headed back to the house so she could pack up and start her drive home. 

Once I was solo, I did some quick shopping--shoes for Jacob, and an assortment of random things from Walmart--and then took advantage of the gorgeous weather to tackle some long-overdue yard work.  The first trimester blahs were totally de-motivating when it came to doing yard work, partly because I would rather have been napping and partly because when I did do it I ended up exhausted.  So, the yard has been a little out-of-control in spots and I've constantly been playing catch-up.  Yesterday I managed to do some weed-whacking, then cleared out most of my mini-garden, and finally decided to tackle the way-back of our yard, which is just a mass of greenery.  There's a little of everything back there, and it's getting out of control.  Blackberry vines and some other sort of foliage were slowly creeping out of the confines of the bed, but it was too much to tackle mid-summer.  Now that things had thinned out a bit, I decided to take it on.  I ended up poking myself through my rubber garden gloves countless times (blackberry vines have nasty thorns), but I cleaned up the worst of the overflow.  Craig can hit the rest with the lawn mower next time.  The boys didn't get home until after dinner, so I had some extra time to finish up some things.  We all ended up turning in a little earlier than usual, which was good since Jacob and I were both up for about an hour in the middle of the night thanks to a coughing fit he couldn't seem to shake.  Ahhhh, cold season.

In other news, yesterday while I was sitting in church, I swear Riblet (the baby--we'll see if it sticks) kicked me in the arm three times.  My arm was resting on the top of my belly during a prayer, and I seriously felt a distinct kick in the arm three times!  I've felt it one other time since when I was sitting in a similar position.  I'm still getting a fair amount of internal squirming, but there still isn't much recognizable or externally visible movement.  I can't really tell if that's normal at this point or if he's just in an oddball position where his movements are a little more insulated.

The other day my dad reminded me of a little tidbit I left out of my post about the trip to Alfred.  During the course of the football game, Jacob asked numerous times when the game was going to be over.  I don't think it was that he wasn't enjoying the game as much as I think he really wanted a shot to get down on the field and play. one point during the game, the PA announcer mentioned that there was going to be a soccer game on that same field that evening.  Immediately Jacob's eyes lit up and he really wanted to stay for the soccer game.  Typical.  Here I had been all excited to take Jacob to his first live football game, and he ended up being more excited about the prospect of a soccer game!  Had the game been at, say, 5pm instead of 7pm, I might have considered sticking around for the extra hour or two to catch the beginning.  But it was a chilly day and 7pm was just too far away.  That didn't stop him from asking a few more times, though! 

Not much else to report right now.  Jacob is going to the pumpkin farm tomorrow with daycare, and I'm hoping the weather cooperates enough to get us to one this weekend.  Craig's busy weekends are starting up, which is a bummer, and it's going to start limiting what we can get done together, which isn't good since we have a lot to do!  We're still working on finalizing Jacob's Halloween costume, which has been a long time in coming.  He's changed his mind about 400 times, but then seemed to settle on one costume...until we couldn't find the one he wanted in his size, at which point he decided on another one!  Some of the final plans are being made for our trip to Florida, which is just a few weeks away.  It's going to be a busy few weeks, that's for sure!

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