Saturday, March 21, 2009

Toronto...a year later.

Today was a flashback to one of the more memorable days of my pregnancy. Craig and I headed up to Toronto for the Knighthawks-Rock game. We came up here last spring for a game as well, when I was rather pregnant. It was a pleasant spring day and I was loving my maternity clothes that day. The most memorable moment of the day was putting headphones on my body so Jacob could listen to daddy's play-by-play! I also couldn't help but "awwww" when the Knighthawks' backup goalie was taking pictures on the field after the game with his newborn son nestled in his lacrosse stick. We had lunch at our favorite restaurant (we figured it might be the last time for a while), wandered around the Hockey Hall of Fame store, and got our fill of Pizza Pizza (one of my favorites) before, during and after the game. Yum!

This time around, Jacob was supposed to come and we were going to sit in a suite with the Knighthawks staff. But when Jacob woke up with a fever yesterday, the whole trip was in jeopardy. It's so hard, because you want to be with and take care of your sick baby, but when you're looking forward to a fun day away, it's tough to give up that dream. No matter how much you love hanging out with your baby, a day of something different (with or without them) is always a nice change of pace. This morning Jacob woke up in a good mood but still with a fever of 100 degrees. But the good mood was promising, and he got a good nap on the way to N.T. We figured that if he stayed in a good mood, he'd be okay with Grandma and Grandpa for the day. If not, Craig could continue on to Toronto and I'd at least have my parents to keep us company for the day. The good mood held up (enough), and Craig and I were off to Toronto. Hopefully things are going okay without us. Jacob is getting into the "stranger danger" phase apparently, and it's been tough to leave the room, let alone to leave him with someone other than one of us or daycare. I'm keeping my fingers crossed, but what can I say? It's nice to be loved!

It's been a fun day, though I miss Jacob a lot. As I alluded to in my post the other day, it's a tough call to leave him and miss out on the little time I do have with him, But sometimes it's nice to do something fun that hearkens back to the days before we had a baby. We stopped at IKEA on the way up. I picked up a pair of bibs with sleeves that will come in handy for when we start working on self-feeding. They're water-resistant, wipeable, and have a pocket to catch messes...all for $3 each (Canadian). I also bought something for Jacob's Easter basket--a rattle that's a stuffed bunny in a carrot car. So cute! I also want to get him a rubber ball with an Easter theme from Wegmans. I'll probably give him a couple eggs to bang together, too. Even better if I can tape something choke-proof (Cheerios?) inside to make them rattle! Knowing him, he'll like them the best!

The most interesting part of the trip was pumping in the press box. I knew I'd have to pump once today, so I brought my pump (thank goodness it's contained in an inconspicuous black bag) and the battery pack so I could pump anywhere. About 45 minutes before the game I locked the door to Craig's booth, moved into a corner, draped myself with my coat, and pumped. It actually went pretty smoothly. It helps that I can go about six hours now without getting uncomfortable. It's a far cry from the days where four hours left me in agony. I guess we're slowly but surely progressing toward weaning whether we like it or not...but that's another post for another day.

One interesting side note of today was seeing Toronto Nationals ads around the arena. The Nationals are, in essence, the Rattlers, Rochester's former outdoor lacrosse team. The Rattlers technically folded and Toronto is an expansion team, but they got many of Rochester's players thanks to territorial rules. Rochester won the championship last August but ran into some financial difficulties when ownership fell apart last fall. It was sad but the good news is that Craig won't be working those 12 games this summer. Jacob and I will be happy to have him, so we can go to family parties, summer festivals, the zoo, and whatever else all summer. I can't wait to have Craig around full time for the first summer since the year we started dating. And it'll be a nice excuse to finally bring Jacob on his first trip to Toronto!

It's been a fun day (despite the loss), but I will definitely feel better once we're back in N.T., sleeping in beds next to Jacob's crib. A day away is nice, but it always makes getting back to Jacob that much better!

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