Friday, March 27, 2009


I felt compelled to write up a little something for our company's spring newsletter, because there's never very many submissions from our office and I haven't done it in a while. We can really write about anything...why we like spring, any spring plans, spring recipes, etc. I decided to a little mini-essay about why I'm looking forward to spring, as it relates to Jacob. I figured it was a good fit to post here as well:

I am looking forward to spring because it will be my first real chance to get out into the world with my baby! Jacob was born June 20, 2008, so I spent most of last summer close to home. I was a little intimidated by going anywhere for too long, lest we have any baby-related "situations" that we were ill-equipped to handle! Now that Jacob is nine months old, my husband Craig and I are a little more comfortable with parenthood and are looking forward to showing Jacob a good time.

We've spent all winter battling to bundle him up, and can't wait to ditch the winter coat and less battle to fight every morning! I'm also looking forward to having him less covered up in general. Baby body parts are so cute...little feet, chubby thighs, cute little belly...and I miss seeing them when he's covered in clothes from head to toe when we're just chilling at home (no pun intended) in our cold house all winter. Last summer Jacob didn't do much except eat, sleep and cry, but right now he's working on crawling and will be walking before we know it. I can't wait to let him play in the grass and experience flowers and leaves for the first time. We live around the corner from a playground, and I have been looking forward to taking him there since before he was born! It will be fun to be a kid again, swinging on the swings and going down the slide! We're also planning on getting a membership to the Seneca Park Zoo here in Rochester so we can go see the animals whenever we want. He's just getting to the age where he'll be fascinated by the animals that put on a good show!

Spring will be a great time to do all of these things, before it gets too hot and humid. Once that happens we'll be heading off for Jacob's first swimming experience at his grandparents' pool in Buffalo! But by then it'll almost be time for another first--his first birthday--on the last official day of spring! How time flies...last spring was pretty busy with all of the baby preparations, but hopefully this year we can savor every minute!

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