Monday, March 16, 2009

If it isn't one thing...

Warning: This is a poop-related post.

Poor Jacob. Just when things appeared to be settling back down after adjusting to his medicine regimen and getting over pinkeye, we had another challenge this weekend--constipation. Before this we'd only had one foray into that world, and as I recall it was more about us getting concerned than it was about Jacob's actual discomfort. I think this was within the first few months, and he had gone quite a while between poops. We were freaked out about it and maybe picked up on a little discomfort on Jacob's end, but in the end I think it was more us than him. We tried some prune juice that time around and he went shortly thereafter. May have just been coincidence. But in any event, when he went it came out soft so that really isn't deemed constipation anyway.

Fast forward to late last week. Jacob had a BM on Wednesday night, and I don't think he had one Thursday...and I know he didn't have one after that. But frequently he'd make his poopy face (quite often while I was feeding him his dinner in his high chair), I'd get nervous about what I'd find, and when I'd go to change his diaper, there would be nothing there! That never happened with him before...if he made the poopy face, there would be poop. We went through this for days. Over the weekend he was straining more and more, and I tried prune juice. Jacob didn't seem to like it and only downed an ounce each day. Still no luck, and finally his discomfort culminated in some bad eating yesterday. He just wasn't comfortable, I guess, and he just didn't want to eat much of anything. He did eek out one tiny little pellet of poo in the afternoon. It was soft and he was miserable just getting that out. We pondered getting him a suppository on the way back from Craig's parents' house last night, but none of them were baby-specific and since it was late and Jacob was sleepy anyway, we decided against calling the doctor. Jacob's 9-month well visit was this morning anyway.

This morning Jacob woke up at his normal time and I started feeding him, but he quit about eight minutes in and just started crying. I kept trying to no avail, and ended up taking him into his bedroom to change him, just to give us both a break. Well, lo and behold, in his diaper was poop...quite firm and molded to his butt crack. Lovely, I know. The consistency was like firm modeling clay. Ouch...particularly when you consider that he just graduated to poop with any form at all in the last month or so. While I was looking at it, he pushed out two other decent turds (think medium-sized dog poo), which were much the same. He seemed so much happier after that, but I have no idea if we're done with this or not. After all, he went quite a few days and probably has a bunch stored up there. The doctor suggested pear juice instead, so we may be trying that until I'm convinced he's back on track. I have no idea what may have caused this bout, because nothing has changed in his or my diet recently. What's more, he was eating quite a bit of oatmeal and apricots over the weekend...and oatmeal has fiber and apricots are good for constipation. So go figure.

As I mentioned, this morning was his well visit. I had about a million questions for the doctor, and as usual she went through and helped me feel a bit more at ease about pretty much everything. As far as his head size--even though it's small, he's really tracking along the growth curve the same as he has been all along. Wheat--She said that if he's going to be allergic to it, it probably won't matter when we start it. So, perhaps we will give Cheerios and pasta a shot one of these days. At least it will help him with his pincer grasp. I got some clarification on taking Reglan on an empty stomach, as well as how much Tylenol is too much when he's teething. The only thing that I'm still a little iffy about is Jacob's lack of babbling. The fact that he's doing well with pretty much everything else makes me think I'm just worrying about nothing. He's probably going to be one of those kids that walks early and talks later, but the fact that he still isn't doing "bababa" or "mama" or "dada" (not necessarily labeling us as such, but using the syllables) is a little bit of a concern, enough that the doctor gave us the number to get his hearing checked, just to be sure. I'm pretty sure he can hear, though, since he'll stop crying when I sing to him, and things like that. I don't know much about this stuff but maybe there's some spectrum that he's not hearing? Who knows. But the doctor was happy with his progress, so I guess that's good. He's now 18 lbs. 3 oz. and 29 inches (though I think they overmeasured a bit because he wasn't that long two weeks ago). He's definitely a growing boy!

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