Thursday, March 12, 2009

Likes and Dislikes

Now that Jacob's personality has really started to come out, I figured I'd give you a rundown of his likes and here goes:

- Electronic devices with buttons - remotes, phones, name it.
- Accessories - Daddy's baseball hat and glasses, Mommy's jewelry - if it's hanging off of your body in any way, he'll grab it and hold on tight
- Women - he smiles at most women he sees, which makes outings quite interesting sometimes. When we went to the doctor he smiled at the nurse, the doctor, and some random woman in the hallway, to the point that she stopped in to say hi to him! He's not so sure about most men, but females (from little girls on up) elicit smiles all the time.
- Clapping - he could be hysterically crying, but the second you start clapping for him, he gets incredibly happy. We keep working on getting him to clap himself, and he's getting there--he at least does it by accident now!
- Pears - and really, most baby foods. He hasn't really rejected anything since the green beans after his puking incident. While he's not one of those "can't get the spoon there quick enough" kind of babies yet, he's really gotten quite good at eating.
- Cups - particularly big glasses like most restaurants have, and generally clear ones. He'll grab them with both hands and try to drink out of them, even if he doesn't really know how yet.
- Peek-a-boo - Big giggles every time! Recently I've taken to hiding out of sight beyond his high chair tray and popping back up. He LOVES it.
- Wearing a "halo" - We play this game where we put his Rock-a-Stack rings on each of our heads and let them slide off. For some reason, he thinks this is hysterical.
- Beeping noses - He loves when I beep his nose and then make him beep mine. Hopefully soon he'll learn to do it without me helping him beep.
- His Reglan - the medicine that speeds up his digestion tastes like butterscotch, and most of the time he's eager to suck it down
- Biting - Not nasty biting, of course, but what we're sort of hoping are his kisses...where he comes at you with a big, open mouth. Generally he goes for cheeks or the snouts of stuffed animals, but once in a while he'll try for necks, arms or anything else he can get his hands on. That got a little scarier for everyone once he got those first two teeth!
- His Jumperoo - Since he loves moving, the Jumperoo is perfect...he bounces contentedly for a long time, particularly if you're in the room watching him.
- Standing up - He loves being upright, and has since very early on. As adept as he is at rolling and being on all fours, most of the time he'd rather be standing.
- Being able to watch the action - Whether it is being in his new stroller, or getting a piggyback ride on Mommy's shoulders, or no longer having the winter cover on his car seat, Jacob just loves being able to check everything out.
- His own image - I'm not sure if he knows it's him or just thinks the baby staring back at him is cute (who can blame him), but whenever he sees himself in a picture (like our computer wallpaper) or a mirror (the ones around the house or the mirror in the backseat of the car), he smiles.
- Singing - mostly songs he's familiar with...the alphabet song has gotten me through a few cranky car rides with minimal long as I sing it over and over and over...
- Farts - I know that sounds crude, but seriously...every time he does one, he smiles like he just did the coolest thing.
- Moose - He comes by this one honestly, since his parents have quite the collection, but he seriously smiles whenever he sees them...particularly the Mariner Moose (mascot) we brought back from Seattle.
- Snuggling - particularly with Daddy. He will snuggle into Craig's chest and go to sleep almost every day when Craig picks him up after work.
- His feet and socks - He pulls on his socks and gets them off so he can suck on them...and when the socks are gone, he'll suck on his feet.

- Having his nose wiped - even the slightest wipe starts up hysterical crying
- Getting bundled up and getting in his car seat - arching his back when angry has made this extra interesting...ever try strapping down a stiff, wiggling baby?
- Lack of motion - he can scream through the strapping in, but the second you pick up the carrier or the car starts moving, he usually quiets right down. If he's getting fussy while you're sitting down, all it takes is standing up and he's fine.
- Truly "solid" foods - namely, anything that's not pureed. He hasn't quite figured out anything chunkier than a puree, including things that would melt in his mouth if he ever kept them there. We'll keep working on it.
- His nebulizer - he squirms and shrieks, sometimes to the point of tiring himself out.
- His Prevacid - apparently dissolving pills are just as weird for babies as they are for adults.
- Teething - I'm not sure I've ever seen him as miserable as when he was teething. Not looking forward to future teeth, that's for sure.
- Going to sleep - once he's sleeping I think he's a's just getting to that point than can be tough. He likes to see what's going on, and doesn't want to miss the action. As a result, it's tough to get him to go to sleep, or to get him back to sleep if he wakes up prematurely. He's the king of the 30 minute nap.
- Getting dressed - He's put on a shirt over his head almost every single day of his life, but he still fusses most mornings when we do it. Not sure if he's got recurring nightmares from coming down the birth canal, or what.

I guess it's good that he's got more likes than dislikes, because I think that means he's a pretty happy baby! He'll definitely let you know when he doesn't like something, but for the most part his life is full of smiles...and consequently, so are ours!

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