Saturday, March 7, 2009

Busy week, I guess...

...seeing as I haven't posted since Tuesday. Not much to report, though. Jacob is still rocking up a storm. No actual crawling yet, though. It's funny to watch in the meantime! It's tough to tell, but it seems like the medication he's on is at least preventing him from spitting up. He didn't do a lot of it before, but I don't think he's done it at all since he started the meds. Good sign, I guess. He also seems to be pooping more frequently. There's good and bad to that. In theory, more pooping would mean less per poop, which probably means less of a chance he'll blow out. However, blowouts aren't always volume-related. Sometimes they're all about how he's sitting. As a result, more poops up the odds of a blowout on any given day. Hmmm. For example, last night. We were out to dinner and Jacob made his "poopy face" (essentially a very stern, almost-smile with a little grunt--you may not realize it, but you probably make the same one). I couldn't smell anything when I checked, but that doesn't mean much because I swear my sense of smell has been decimated by something--most likely constant allergy issues. Craig thought he could smell it, but regardless, it was only two pushes and he'd pooped earlier in the day so I wasn't that concerned. However, when we got home, it turned out he had pooped up the back of his diaper. Whether or not that was at the restaurant or somewhere in transit, I'm not sure. Fortunately the onesie (a red one...whew) contained it and it was a pretty easy cleaning. At least his poo is thicker now so it doesn't travel as much. In that case he must have been sitting in an odd position in the high chair, because all of the poop was concentrated in the very back of the diaper. He pooped again this morning, so that's three times in less than 24 hours...only one blowout, though, so his odds are getting better. But anyway....he's still got the cough. I have no idea how long it's going to take to get that under control...probably a question I should have asked. Our big challenge today is going to be remembering to give him his meds before his feedings--the first time we've had to do all four doses in one day. We're still mastering actually giving it to him, but he doesn't seem to mind the taste. He's a little thrown off by his dissolving Prevacid tablet, though! I think I'm going to start giving him a dixie cup with a little water at the same time, just to help it dissolve...and with the added benefit of him learning to use a little tiny cup! He loves cups to begin with, so we'll see how he does with one his size.

This week my main worry was his head size. The did his measurements at the pulmonary specialist. He's finally up to 18 lbs., after stalling out for a while when he was sick and teething. He's 27-1/2 inches long. His head measured 42 centimeters. Curious, I looked online for a percentile calculator and filled in all of the figures. According to at least one calculator I found, his weight only puts him in the 18th percentile, and his length in the 34th percentile. Basically it means that if you lined up 100 babies in order of size, 82 of them would weigh more and 17 would weigh less. I'm not worried about the weight because Craig and I were both skinny kids. He's also really getting into solids now, so I know the weight will come. As for the length...I actually sat down to read the literature for his nebulizer treatment meds a couple weeks ago, and found out that it can stunt growth a 1 cm per year. While I doubt that's having a huge impact yet, you never know. Not eating well for a month could have impacted that as well. What ended up concerning me most was that his head circumference was coming up in the single digits. He's always had a small head--I think originally he was in the 15th percentile--but it's never looked disproportionate to the rest of his body so I think it never really bugged me. When I compare him to other babies his age at daycare, he does look a little small, but again...that could just be genetic. Still, the single digit percentile for his head did throw me off a bit. While he seems to be hitting all his physical milestones okay, I still wonder a little. I feel like his babble doesn't seem particularly purposeful yet--in that very little of it sounds like actual syllables that could eventually turn into words. It's still mostly squeals and laughs and gutteral noises. He's never been a good mimicker...he's never stuck out his tongue on command or learned how to blow raspberries, nor have I ever noticed him mimicking sounds...and all these actions are things that the usual baby literature says that many babies do by now. They ALSO say that not all babies develop the same, so again, I try not to worry about it. But as a parent you can't help but wonder. I'm sure he's fine, but you just wonder sometimes if all of the medicines and stuff he's endured in his 8-1/2 months have had some sort of impact. We'll see what the doctor says in a couple weeks.

Well, if you made it through this post of poop and irrational worrying, you deserve a here are a few pics from last weekend...

If I did a closeup of this one, you could see his little teeth...they're coming in nicely now :)

Just thought this was a cute one!

He's obsessed with cups so my mom gave him the orange one on his lap...never noticed it matched the afghan! Anyway, as you can see, he was thrilled!

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