Monday, March 23, 2009

When will it ever end?

Well, after Saturday's post, we got back to my parents and found out that Jacob had a rough day. He just slept a lot and wanted to be held. He was whimpering in bed and woke up a lot that night. I think I got 2-3 hours of sleep, max, and I don't think any of it except for the first hour or two was quality. His fever went up to about 103-104 in the middle of the night, and I gave him some Tylenol at that point and he eventually slept on Craig for a bit. The next time he woke up the fever was gone completely. It was like a miracle. He still wasn't his normal happy self yesterday, but he was okay. The biggest issue was eating...he was cutting off his feedings early and wasn't really interested in solids. Still, since the fever was gone I figured it was just sleep deprivation from the rough night, or holdover discomfort from the fever's dehydrating effects. We did a bit of running around yesterday and he really did pretty well with that...other than an insatiable desire to suck on the shopping cart at Target. Ugh.

Well...this morning I got a call from day care asking me if we had noticed a rash on him this morning. I hadn't, but I also wasn't the one getting him dressed this morning. Craig hadn't seen anything either, so apparently it just showed up. The doctor wants to check him for strep (scarlet fever, actually...third week in a row we're headed to the doctor, in case you're keeping track), but from everything I've read, I think it's roseola. I had come across roseola info when I was searching for "fever no symptoms" last Friday (Jacob seemed pretty good in the morning and went downhill during the day), but didn't really look into it. But when I was reading the symptoms and people's comments about it this morning, it sounded perfect. Sudden high fever, sticks around for 3-5 days, child seems to have few symptoms other than some crankiness, child likes to be held, a lot of moaning/whimpering, decreased appetite, fever goes away, and it all winds up with a rash a day or two later. The irritability seems to last through the 2-3 rash days, which would make yesterday and today's crankiness make sense. He's no longer contagious, if that's what it is, and other than looking pretty iffy and still not feeling 100% for the next couple days, he should be fine and should never get it again. many more things can this poor kid get diagnosed with? :(

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