Sunday, March 1, 2009

Rockin' & Rollin'

As I mentioned the other day, Jacob has really started to rock in preparation for crawling. He is already finding ways to get where he wants to go, mostly by rolling around. He's gotten very good at that, in fact. I can hardly leave him alone for more than a couple seconds anymore without him rolling one way or another and getting into something. He's obsessed with the stack of magazines under our coffee table, and is constantly trying to wiggle away. Changing him, dressing him, and strapping him into his carseat have all been very trying the last few days, because he arches his back and tries to flip over, screaming the whole time. I'm not sure what has prompted that, but it hasn't been particularly fun. I'm definitely concerned about babyproofing, and I'm really concerned about Jacob hurting himself when he tries to get into things. He's so curious that I'm not even sure that my best attempts at babyproofing are going to be enough. He's really getting some sort of independent streak, and I'm afraid that the second he figures out how to move, we won't be able to stop him...or if we try he'll freak out, screaming and wiggling out of our grasp. He doesn't understand the word "No" yet--or if he does we're in big trouble because he usually just responds back with a smile--but we'll keep trying to use it when he tries to get to something he shouldn't be getting into, and hopefully he'll pick up on it as we go along. My goal is to teach him (and this is a ways down the road) that if it isn't his and he hasn't been given permission to touch it, don't. Curious as I was as a kid, I think I was pretty good about that sort of thing, so hopefully I can teach Jacob to do the same. We have a while before he'll start absorbing stuff like that, though, so in the meantime we're going to have to do a lot of babyproofing! Bring on the gate and the doorknob things and the cabinet locks! But for now, here's some video of the rocking...

In other news...Jacob tried chicken for the first time over the weekend. His first attempt was only moderately successful, and I can't say I blame him. Pureed baby-food chicken seems pretty gross. Although, when I warmed it up on Sunday for attempt #2, Craig thought it smelled pretty good. Each time I've mixed it with his cereal and sweet potatoes, but he still gagged quite a bit the first time around. I think it was probably more the texture than the flavor, but he made enough funny faces that I think the taste threw him off a bit as well. Jacob did much better with it the last two tries, though...ate it right up! The little pieces make it a bit harder to clean off his face after he's done, but it's a new source of nutrition and I'm glad he seems welcoming to new foods. There really hasn't been anything he's rejected yet, other than green beans...which I haven't tried since a couple days after the throwing up I can't say I blame him. Soon we'll try again, though. He's been eating really well, about 1/2 of a stage 1 jar or 1/3 of a stage 2, with an equal amount of cereal, twice a day. He really gets into it sometimes, though he's still not quite at the "freaking out because I'm not getting him the next bite quickly enough" stage. Not a bad thing. It's just so nice to have him eating well, though.

Tomorrow is his appointment with the pulmonary specialist. We'll definitely be interested to hear what they have to say. We held off on giving him the medicine his doctor prescribed, just because the side effects bothered us and if there's any way we can avoid it--namely, they don't think the slow stomach emptying/reflux is what's causing his problems (and seriously, I just don't think it is...poor kid is just too congested)--then I'd rather do just that. No sense risking it. If that is his problem, hoepfully they will have some words of wisdom for us to ease our fears. Either way, I just want to make Jacob better...and if they can't do that, I at least want to know what has caused all of this and if there's anything else we can do to help him out in the meantime. Being sick for over six months just isn't fair when you're only eight months old. He's been a trooper, but I'd like to know what it's like to not have a coughing, stuffy baby.

Well, I'm about ready to fall asleep sitting up, so I think it's time for bed...maybe Jacob's 9pm bedtime would be a good thing for mommy too!

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