Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I had to ask...

It was meant to be a rhetorical question, but I got an answer to my question at the end of yesterday's post last night when we went to the doctor. They originally wanted to check him for strep when I called asking about the rash yesterday, but when we got there it was apparent to the doctor that it was roseola and no test was needed. From the fever to swollen glands in the back of his head (the doctor made me feel them...ewww) to the rash, it seemed pretty obvious. Easy enough...it's viral and there's nothing to do but wait. But then he looked in Jacob's ears. Double ear infection. Ugh. I got to look and see inside his ears, too. Interesting. There's a chance it's viral and related to the roseola, but at this point he figured it wasn't worth waiting around to find out, so we've added another medication to Jacob's cocktail of daily meds. I'm seriously starting to lose track. For the record....first thing in the morning he gets Reglan for his stomach. Ideally we should wait a half hour before eating, but the doctor said it was ok to eat right away for our convenience, because in the grand scheme of things it helped us stagger the doses more. He also gets his antibiotic (fruit flavor--where was that when we were kids?) in the morning, as well as his daily vitamin drops. If his cough is especially potent, he also gets nebulized. He gets two more doses of Reglan at day care, then his Prevacid (dissolving tablet) and one more dose of Reglan in the evening or right before bed, depending on his eating schedule. We'll add another dose of the antibiotic to that for the next nine days, too. Then he gets nebulized again before bed. Hopefully once he's over his immediate issues the cough will get a bit better and we won't have to do that twice a day.

So...Jacob was pretty cranky last night and right through to this morning. He slept crappy again, too. I know I can't blame him, but it's really frustrating. We're already short on sleep and none of the normal tricks seem to work. Then he won't eat. Then he fights like crazy through his medicines. It leaves you feeling like you can't do anything right. Again, I know he's uncomfortable and this all should be temporary, but in the meantime it's exhausting. Oh, and after all of his fussing this morning, what does he do? He flashes a big smile like nothing ever happened. Oy. Normally that's cute...but this morning, not so much. While I can't blame him for rebelling against the medicines, I'd have hoped he'd be used to it all by now and would just take it. Everything has color and inevitably drips out of his mouth onto his clothes, or gets him all sticky. I need three hands to give him his medicine--one to hold his hands, another to hold his head and pry open his mouth, and a third to actually give the medicine.

In the meantime, I'm also frustrated because we're back in a holding pattern. He lost weight since last week, so growth obviously isn't his forte right now. He's not eating well--milk or solids--and his crankiness means that now is not the time to try new things, like further practice with the sippy cup, or trying out Cheerios. He's also not big on playing right now, so he's probably not getting as much crawling practice as he had been.

I know that this, too, shall pass...but it's getting very old in the meantime.

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