Friday, March 13, 2009

Big Step

I forgot to mention earlier this week that we hit a milestone the other day. While I was home with Jacob on Tuesday, I officially moved down the mattress on his crib! He's been getting more mobile by the day, not to mention stronger, and we were getting nervous about him learning to pull up on his crib with the mattress in the higher position. The one day I had him sitting in there while I was doing something in his room, he scooched right up to the front rail and got pretty close to getting up on his knees using the rail. Granted, I don't think he's gone directly from laying down to sitting up yet, but I wouldn't put it past him to figure it out quickly one of these days. He rolls all over the place and finds ways to get around , so at this point I'm starting to think that there is little that's out of his reach these days, one way or another. As a result, we were getting nervous leaving him in his crib unattended (even when he'd wake up in the morning and just play around in there quietly), so it seemed to be time to get it done. I had been waiting for some replacement brackets for the crib--it was recalled a while back but they said that it was only urgent for brackets that had gone through major trauma during assembly or if the mattress was being used as a trampoline--but I just couldn't wait anymore...I was stressing out every time I left the room with him awake. So I took care of it on Tuesday. It looks so different! The change didn't seem to phase Jacob, fortunately. The only downside for us is that it's a little harder to get him in the crib when he's already sleeping. It's a little more of a reach if you do it with the drop rail up, but if you have the rail down, it makes some noise when you put it back up, which could easily wake him right back up! I think for now we can reach around it, but it might take some practice to do smooth transitions from the arms into the crib. Last night when I had him in there again while I was doing something in his room (sometimes I just need my two arms--and the lack of his--to get things done!), and he was doing his darndest to pull himself up! Definitely a good decision, I think!

Another random side note was this little purchase I made the other day that seems like a brilliant, why-didn't-I-think-of-it idea. I was looking in the clearance section at our Wegmans (usually a lot of seasonal stuff), and I saw this package--can't remember the name off-hand--but it contained two straps for securing toys to strollers, highchairs, etc. The straps came two to a pack, one black, one white, and the pack cost less than $2.00. They have a couple different snap positions, and you basically loop one end around the stroller or highchair, and the other end around the toy, and voila...enough slack for the baby to play, but when he loses interest and drops the toy (as all babies do), it doesn't have to hit the ground and get dirty or lost. I think I will keep one with whatever stroller we seem to use most this summer, and another with the diaper bag for toys Jacob plays with in the highchair at restaurants. Maybe they'll be terrible, but it seemed like a good enough idea to spend about $1.50 on in the event they work!

I also made a rather large purchase earlier this week. Have I mentioned that for ages I have been trying to find Fisher-Price Peek-a-Blocks for Jacob? I wanted to get him a set back at Christmas but couldn't find them anywhere. They're basically blocks with clear sides that have something going on inside them...maybe it's just a little plastic animal, or maybe something that would make noise or move around. One set was an alphabet set with the letters printed on the sides and something with that letter inside. Anyway, about that same time I discovered an activity center called the Incrediblock that worked with the Peek-a-Blocks and thought it was the greatest thing ever. It's basically a big cube with activities related to the side is like Plinko, another lets you stack the blocks then hit a lever and they all drop out, the top plays sounds related to the eight special blocks that come with it, etc. The block retailed for $50, so I figured it would be a good first birthday gift. Well...turns out both were discontinued. Why, I have no idea. As far as I could tell they were really popular. There are still similar things called Roll-a-Rounds in the stores, but they're round (rolling + hardwood floors = lost under furniture) and I like the block concept better because boys like to build things. I obsessed over this for a while, and eventually decided to try looking on eBay. I've never used eBay before, though I have looked there from time to time. I found one auction for an Incrediblock and a bunch of blocks, but got outbid late in the auction. I kept looking and found a really good deal but forgot to bid before it was up! Doh! It was someone with a huge lot of Peek-a-Block related stuff and a bid of 1 cent! It was pickup not a lot of competition, I guess. We would have had to drive an hour and a half, but it would have been worth it. I guess between signing up for eBay and PayPal I just lost track of time. Earlier this week I stumbled upon another auction thanks to a reminder email. It was within what I was willing to pay and was close to the end of the auction, so I bid a buck higher and won! It has an Incrediblock, the eight original blocks, and 47 additional blocks. The package is sitting on my doorstep as I type, and I'm looking forward to getting home and checking it out. I will have to give it a thorough cleaning, as it is used, but I think it's going to be fun. I think I might let Jacob play with the blocks now, and wait on the Incrediblock at least for a while (age is nine months anyway), though I may do a test run with him in the meantime...though if he loves it I'll be sad to put it away for now, so we'll see how strong I am! It'll be better when he is crawling, though, so he can crawl his way around to all four sides and pull up to play with the top. I've seen great reviews so I think it will be cool.

Well, I'm off for the weekend...Craig is working part of tonight and all of tomorrow, and then we're off to Buffalo for Craig's mom's birthday dinner. Should be busy but fun! At least the weather is looking up....warm enough for a walk? Not sure we're ready for that yet, but tempting...

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