Saturday, February 28, 2009

Health Update

I got a call from our pediatrician yesterday regarding the results of the scintiscan. It appears that Jacob has some issues with slow stomach emptying. That can lead to reflux (which there was evidence of ), which can lead to some irritation of the throat, which can lead to his cough. She prescribed some medicine for him, which she thinks the pulmonary specialist would have put him on anyway, with the thought that we could get started on it before our appointment on Tuesday and see if we saw any change by then. By doing that, we could potentially avoid the, "Well, let's put him on this and follow up later" step. While she said that the stuff is safe, the possible side effects I've been reading about are a little disturbing (among them are muscle spasms--and the thought of watching Jacob go through something like that...well, I can't even fathom...). I definitely need to call the doctor and chat about that. I'm actually still not convinced that that is his issue, which I'm sure we will discuss at length at the appointment on Tuesday. I mean, he's been on reflux medication for a while now, so I would think that we'd see an improvement in the cough just from that, if that was what was causing it. And it still doesn't explain the wheezing. And if this isn't what's causing his problems, and the slow emptying isn't causing any other issues that the reflux meds can't handle, I really don't want to put more medication in Jacob's system than he already gets. Poor kid has more prescriptions on file at Wegmans in eight months than I think I've had ever.

Last night we thought we might be in line for another one...because day care thought Jacob might have pink eye. His eye was a little swollen and red, and it was a little watery/crusty. He woke up with a little watery-ness, and the skin around it still looks a little red, but I definitely think it would be worse if it was pink eye. I guess we'll just have to keep watching it.

In the meantime, Jacob has really become our main source of entertainment! He is so funny sometimes. From his tendency to want to chew everything (he's got some cannibalistic/vampire tendencies....does this mean he's going to be the biter at day care?), to his frequent smiles, to his obsession with drinking glasses (I need to get that on video one of these days) to his pre-crawl rock, he's got us laughing a lot. I found myself marveling at him last night when we were out to dinner, as I looked at my big boy in his high chair...he was happy, well-behaved, and eating eagerly (when he wasn't completely distracted by looking around the restaurant). I can't believe he's so grown up already! From his smiley, happy, active moments to his sweet, peaceful sleepy moments, he is such an amazing little boy. I'm so thankful for him every day.

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