Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Photo Wednesday

Just wanted to share a couple cute pics for lack of anything better to share today. It's been nice that Jacob finally "gets" the camera, and as long as he's in a decent mood, will do what he can to provide a smile when he sees one. It doesn't always work, and if you hesitate actually taking the picture you might lose his interest, but it's nice to get a good smile most of the time. I love his smiley pictures!!

This one was taken a week or so ago. Jacob was having another rough round of eating, completely uninterested in the bananas and cereal I was trying to get him to eat. So, I decided to just let him play with it, to see if maybe he'd eat some of it himself, off his messy hands or the spoon, and maybe he'd decide he liked it. No such luck, but he did make a pretty good mess! He's doing a little better with the eating these days. Still not exactly opening his mouth willingly, but using various methods you can usually get him to eat some of it, with a little patience. Day care has probably had better luck than me lately!

This one is showing off his cute outfit that Lori gave him for Christmas. I took it because I live in constant fear of Jacob's poop blowouts, and I wanted to make sure I got a picture of him in it just in case it became the unfortunate victim of a blowout that day. They tend to happen with about 90% of his BMs, even though I've tried everything--different diapers, how I put them on--to prevent them. Scrubbing poo out of clothes is really annoying and hard on my hands, but I do it anyway because I want to save his clothes as much as I can. He's not in them for that long, so to go out and buy new ones to replace poopy ones seems silly. I think only one or two items of clothing have ever been given up on, and even in those cases I think they were still wearable. I make it my mission. Anyway, just in case one of the infamous blowouts happened, I wanted to capture a shot of this outfit. How cute is that?

Happy Hump Day!

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