Friday, February 20, 2009

Eight Months

Today marks eight months since Jacob was born. Amazing. I just can't believe how quickly the time has gone, or how much he has changed since then...even though some days he's still my little baby and I still feel like we're adjusting to life with a baby on an almost daily basis. There are days when I look down at him when he's nursing and can't get over how much bigger he is than he was in those first days in the hospital, when he was so tiny in my arms and his little mouth seemed to barely fit around the nipple. I kept having to nudge him to keep him awake when he ate. He didn't do much other than eat, sleep and cry. Nowadays, he's doing more every day. He can sit up pretty well, he's (finally) eating solid foods, he's grabbing at everything, rolling all over, and getting ever closer to crawling every time he's on his belly. This morning I swore I was hearing music and a banging noise over the monitor, and when I walked in, Jacob was laying at the far end of his crib from where he usually is, banging on the on/off button of his Fisher-Price aquarium (a lights and music thing that we always turn on when he goes to bed), repeatedly turning it on and off. It's a far cry from the early days when the huge crib seemed like a waste of space because he was such a little baby and never moved from the spot we put him in! Now we're thinking it's about time to move the mattress down because he could be pulling himself up on the sides any day...yet it seems like yesterday that we were sweating up a storm on a mid-June evening trying to get the darn thing together.

His two teeth (they're still not fully in and seem to be driving him nuts at night--another rough night last night) are a constant reminder of how he's getting older. Every time I see them it makes me realize yet again that he's on his way to becoming a little boy, as opposed to my little baby. Of course, as I said, it seems like we're still making adjustments to life with a baby...but maybe that's just because we're back to waking up in the middle of the night! Last week I was obsessing over his eating (I'm still perplexed by finger foods and wheat), but now that he's figured out how to open his mouth, his sleeping has become the new issue du jour. He fights it constantly. Whether it's just a nap (I see this on weekends, but he does it at daycare too) or putting him down for the night, he just will not settle down and sleep. I don't know if we've spoiled him by going back in and holding him when he's cried after we put him down, or if he's a victim of something I read about last night--that the pain of teething is magnified at night when there's nothing to distract him from it like there is in the daytime. He's wide awake when he should be sleepy, and even if he seems sleepy he wakes up the second we put him down in the crib. He'll smile like crazy when we're there, but will start crying right after we leave. No amount of rocking seems to get him drowsy...he just keeps looking around. It gets incredibly frustrating and both Craig and I are very tired from the 3 am wake-up calls. Craig's been working a lot this week--and it continues right through the weekend--so I've been on my own a lot. I've come to dread bedtime, even though once we get through the frustrating part I'm finally free to start my to do list! We've pondered the various pain control options, from Tylenol to Motrin to teething tablets. So far we've stuck with Tylenol, but I'm ready to call the doctor and see if one or two doses a day for an extended period of time is a problem. While I'd love to just give him a teething ring and call it a day (like so many sites recommend), Jacob's attention span isn't long enough to hold it or chew it for any reasonable amount of time. Let's just hope this phase passes soon. Though I'm sure once it does we'll have something else to leave us perplexed!

So, yeah...eight months. A year will be here before we know it!

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