Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Live-in Comedian

I know this is probably only going to get more and more common, but Jacob is starting to turn into our own little live-in comedian. Obviously he's not exactly telling jokes or anything, but he does the funniest things. This weekend he really seemed to up the ante a bit. He and I went to visit my parents while Craig was working all weekend. We left on Saturday just before lunch and came home Sunday night. We just hung out and visited my grandma on Saturday, then went to church, lunch, and a birthday party Sunday. In between we had a lot of fun just playing. All of his rolling around and finding ways to amuse himself with things other than toys can be entertaining. He's still obsessed with his feet, and his tendency to grab his feet and try to shove them in his mouth (barefoot, socks or shoes...he doesn't discriminate) can be really funny. In church, I had him balanced on the top of the pew in front of us when we were standing up, and he was folding himself completely in half trying to grab his feet. It was so funny! At one point he was looking at my mom and she bowed her head to pray, and Jacob maneuvered himself as if he was trying to stay in her line of sight, with a big smile on his face. So silly! He's grabbing a lot of stuff these days, and watching him grab and "drink" out of my empty cup was so funny. I think to him it was more about having something to gnaw on, but how he held it in his little hands was so cute.

I love when I can get him laughing hysterically, whether it's something as simple as waving his sock around after he's pulled it off, or bouncing on my bed with him a bit (he lays, I bounce, and he bounces from my "shockwaves"...he laughs every time! And trust me, it's safer and gentler than it probably sounds.). His giggles make me giggle, and some of his faces are just priceless! It's fun to have such a happy, content baby. Our life now is a far cry from those early days when he didn't do much and we were dying for even a real smile. Since he's still not eating consistently well and I'm starting to get worried about discipline in light of his tendency to grab at everything these days (you have to start saying "No" sometime, right? Even if it's not forceful or involving a punishment...you need to start saying it for consistency purposes, I suppose, before it's too late.), it's nice to have a lot of light moments to enjoy!

Here are a couple cute pics from the weekend...

Jacob's first experience with balloons...

And his first real carrot! He barely made a dent but seemed to enjoy chewing on it regardless!

Finally, when we were packing up to leave the birthday party, Jacob was getting a little fussy. I happened to notice that the way he was crying (not hard, just a consistent whine), you could see his teeth really well. My camera was sitting in the diaper bag at my feet, so I quickly grabbed it and snapped a picture so I could have the first official picture of Jacob's first teeth! As you can (hopefully) see in the close-up, the teeth are just coming in. And yeah, he's got a little rash there from all of his drooling. We put cream on it multiple times a day and it's still like that. Poor thing. As cool as the teeth are, I'd much rather focus on the smiley boy in the picture above!

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