Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A couple more notes...

I knew there was more I was going to mention yesterday, and I remembered one thing. Jacob is obsessed with things with buttons...namely remote controls, phones and computer keyboards. If it's got buttons, he's all about it. He tries to type whenever he's sitting on our laps by the computer, will bend over backwards (literally) to pick up the remote control, and constantly grabs at the phone when I'm holding him while talking on it. He doesn't exactly have the coordination yet to consciously hold it and press buttons at the same time, but he's got pretty decent accuracy at hitting something when he's grabbing. This morning he leaned over the boppy pillow backward after his feeding, and grabbed the remote. Of all buttons, he hit one that changed the video input so the screen went blank. Lucky aim :)

In other news, his teeth are finally, officially poking through! Based on him waking up early a couple (and now three) mornings in a row and some other general fussiness, I felt in his mouth last night and was surprised to feel some rough edges! No wonder the poor kid has had some miserable moments...those buggers are sharp! I don't know if that's just how new teeth feel, or if he's got extra sharp ones (yikes!), or what. I'm hoping that they'll smooth off once he starts chomping down on some rougher food. I remember when he was first born his fingernails were rough, so maybe it's the same with teeth? Who knows. Either way, I'd probably cry too if those things were cutting through my gums. Nothing a shot of Tylenol and a short 5:30am feeding can't fix, though! (Ugh.) Incidentally, I keep hearing about these teething tablets that supposedly work wonders, but even though they're homeopathic, they scare me a little. I read somewhere that if you're allergic to ragweed they may not be the best because they have something in them that's in the same family. I'm terribly allergic to ragweed, so if Jacob inherited that...well...it's a little scary. Hard to know if it's just internet hype or legit medical research. The doctor didn't recommend them, but like gripe water (remember that, way back when?), other doctors out there do. Sometimes a frozen teething ring or washcloth doesn't cut it!

Waking up early for the third morning in a row has been rough. 5:30am has to be almost the worst possible time for Jacob to wake up, because it's so close to my normal wakeup time (alarm is set for 6:07am, I'm usually out of bed around 6:30) that no matter what I do I can't really get back to sleep. Even if I did stay up and do a full feeding then go back to sleep for the half hour I'd normally spend feeding him later, he'd theoretically be ready to eat again by the time I'd drop him off at daycare so it really doesn't do me any good. I've been doing two short feedings--one at 5:30 to lull him back to sleep as the Tylenol kicks in, and another shortly before we leave the house so he doesn't show up to daycare starving. The short feeding later cuts 10 minutes off my normal morning routine, so it gives me a few minutes to go back to bed, get a few more low-key minutes of rest, and psyche myself up to get back up and shower. I'm still technically awake at 5:30, which is far from ideal, but those few minutes back in bed make a big difference in my attitude, if nothing else. I'm not too happy about risking Jacob getting back on a middle of the night feeding, but when his teeth are bothering him, nothing else seems to work...so we'll just deal for now.

Hopefully I'll be able to get pictures of his teeth soon, but they're not in enough yet to even attempt it. I can hardly see myself, let alone with a camera in my hand! I'm sure they'll be adorable when they make it in, though!

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