Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Busy, busy, busy...

The past couple days have been downright exhausting. Yesterday's 2-3 hour visit to the hospital was enough for a whole day, but then we added a trip to and from Buffalo into the mix. Jacob did very well, sleeping both ways and providing plenty of entertainment for the folks at the fundraiser. His smiles received rave reviews! We left earlier than we have most years but it was still late night--Jacob had yet another tough time going down. Even a feeding didn't do much good...Craig still had to come in and relieve me from trying to comfort him because I was just exhausted. Jacob slept until 4:15am (the same time we had woken up the previous morning for his pre-hospital feed--ugh!) and we each took a turn comforting him. He settled back down fairly quickly, but that didn't prevent us both from feeling pretty beat this morning. Despite all of the frustration we generally feel at night, Jacob usually makes up for it in the morning with a big smile...tough to hold a grudge with that face looking at you each morning!

We had to go back to the hospital this morning for a quick followup scintiscan. It was quick and fairly painless. The doctor called earlier and said that the chest x-rays look good, but the scintiscan results aren't in yet. Still, hopefully they have something of note to tell us at our appointment next week. Craig was working an event tonight, so it was just Jacob and's been like that a lot lately, which is par for the course in February with the Amerks & Knighthawks. I don't miss it one bit! Jacob had his third bottle that he usually has a little before we pick him up from day care after we got home tonight (it was either use it or toss it), but still managed to eat most of a good portion of pears and cereal. He pooped mid-meal, which scared the crap out of me (no pun intended) because he was pushing like crazy. I was afraid he'd be sitting in a pile of poo when I pulled him out of the high chair, because the last time that happened he blew out all over. This time, thankfully, he didn't. Solid food poo may be a little harder to clean off, but it doesn't travel as much either...which is huge when you have a blow out specialist!! After a bath, a couple books and a nebulizer treatment, he was good and tired. But then he started fussing the second I put him in the crib. I decided to trying singing to him a little and it worked! He fell asleep with a minimal amount of comforting after that. Whew. Amazing how much more time I have in the evening when I'm not spending a half hour or more trying to get him to fall asleep! So, all in all, a good night.

One other thing of note is that in the past couple days Jacob has started rocking a lot more, which we all know is the precursor to crawling! Recently he's been doing it once in a while...maybe for a couple seconds every day or two. Tonight he did it a few times in a row and was really getting going. It's only a matter of time before he figures out how to move those legs. He's already pretty mobile with all of his rolling, but once he starts crawling, we will have our hands full! He's very curious and likes to touch and grab everything, so when he can actually get to things, we will be in trouble! Lots of babyproofing to do! And soon!

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