Friday, March 6, 2015


This week in Rochester everyone has been abuzz about this year's edition of Balloon Manor, a crazy balloon art exhibition that has been setting up shop in a building downtown the past couple years.  Last year we went to see the Jack and the Beanstalk themed display, and this year it is an ocean theme!  I really wanted to get downtown to see it, and our schedule last weekend just didn't allow it.  It's only around for a little over a week, so I knew we really needed to get there ASAP.

Yesterday I had another interview for the job I really want, and I also went for an Excel skills test that I aced.  After that, Craig took a half day from work to recharge a bit, so we met up for lunch and came home for a bit before picking up the boys for a surprise trip to Balloon Manor!  During our time at home, Craig watched a movie and I finally finished a project I started at least a year ago and dug back into in recent weeks.  I have wanted to put curtains on Carter's window so the upcoming early mornings and late sunsets don't screw up his sleep schedule.  However, I decided my best bet was to take the curtains out of Jacob's room (since I bought them to coordinate with the d├ęcor that's current in Carter's room) and replace Jacob's curtains with new ones.  However, each room also needed new curtain rods.  I bought the curtains and rods for Jacob's room ages ago, but getting up the guts to take down the old fixtures (wide, non-decorative ones that didn't fit the new curtains) was daunting and I hate the fear of measuring and drilling for new ones. 

A few weeks ago I took down the old ones (moderately successful), and a week or two ago I put up one of Jacob's new ones.  I had a couple issues, but it went up fine in the end.  Yesterday I did the second one (better), ironed all four of the new red panels, put up Carter's rod (one that was in the living room of our old house), and hung the blue curtains in his room.  It was a lot of arm work, but it got done.  It was one of the big things on my "before I go back to work" list, so I was very happy to get it done!

We grabbed the boys from their respective spots, and headed into the city.  The display is in a classic old downtown department store that currently holds a campus of the local community college and is slowly but surely being redone to become apartments and retail space.  If it ever happens it will be great.  The current owner has kept some nice touches and having Balloon Manor there for two years has probably raised a lot of awareness of the building and its history.  I wish I could have seen it in its prime! 

The display was amazing!  Of course, Carter was scared...but the rest of us enjoyed it.  So amazing that it is all balloons!
The ocean floor was full of different plants, and there were fish and crabs everywhere!  There was a mermaid in the middle, too, along with some relics from a sunken city, I guess...

I loved the giant oyster with the huge "pearl" balloon in the middle!

There is a five-story atrium, and the display goes all the way up!  Here's a huge octopus with an eye patch!  He's climbing up the chain of an anchor...

I love this treasure chest with a lock and crabs guarding it!

Looking down at the ocean floor from a floor or two up...

Here is the ship whose anchor the octopus was climbing!  It was huge and suspended near the 3rd and 4th floors.

Looking down on everything from the top floor!

Here are the pirates in their lifeboat.  I just love the look on the one guy's face!  Hard to believe that kind of emotion can be captured with balloons!

Here are the boys back on the ground floor!
It was a fun little trip and it was nice that Craig could join us this year since he didn't get to go last year.  It's so amazing to see what creative people can do with a bunch of balloons!

Craig is off this weekend (first time in a couple months!) so hopefully we'll find a couple fun things to do.  Or we'll just hang out and let the kids tear the house apart as usual!

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