Monday, March 16, 2015

Big Week...One Way or Another...

It's odd going into this week knowing that one way or another, this is probably going to be a pretty pivotal week.  I should find out, for better or for worse, about the job I've been interviewing for for three weeks.  If the news is good, that could mean this is my last free week.  If the news is bad, I'll be hunkering in for a while, freaking out a lot, and refreshing my job hunt, which has been a bit on the back burner the further I've gotten into this process.  I know that's bad, but when you're not finding much it's hard to stay motivated to keep searching. 

In addition, tomorrow marks the end of my severance, so my "free ride" will officially be over and crunch time begins.  I filed for unemployment today but can't get benefits until next week because this is my mandatory unpaid week.  Boo.  So no matter what, it's a big week where everything changes.

I mentioned the other day that I have a doctor's appointment on Wednesday, which is my first physical in a very long time.  I just never got in a good habit, then I disliked my doctor, and then I just didn't bother to find a new one.  But with everything that's happened with my dad (not to mention a handful of things with my mom), and a few little things I'm noticing as I head into my late 30s (UGH), I feel like it's time to get things looked at so things are better down the road.  My lack of smell and taste is an issue, of course, though from past experience it's not something with an easy answer.  I'm pretty sure I've picked up a nasty case of reflux, and I got diagnosed a few years back with high cholesterol that hasn't been rechecked.  The cholesterol runs in the family so I'm pretty sure that even with diet it wouldn't be enough to avoid medication.  The reflux has been managed with over-the-counter medicine, though I'm a little worried I might need more since my throat still has moments where spicy foods or carbonated drinks burn it a little.  It's way better than it was, though.  I also have my borderline PCOS that I was made aware of when I tried to get pregnant with Carter.  I'm probably overdue to get to a dermatologist since skin cancer runs in the family, and someday I should really start allergy shots.  One thing at a time, I guess.

Anyway, I'm trying not to let the impending news bother me.  I have no idea when I might get the call (or email, for that matter), so I'm just trying to live life as usual and make the most of the time I have left.  I made a double batch of gluten-free meatballs to freeze over the weekend (and the first taste test was good!).  I worked on Carter's baby book a lot over the past few days as it was sorely overdue for work.  Believe me, it was no small task filling in a lot of that stuff two years later!  Yesterday I finished the third novel I've read during my time off, as part of a mission to catch up on all of the books I was behind on from my favorite author.  This is definitely the most reading I've done in ages, particularly outside of traveling.  Today Craig stayed home for the morning to sleep off his weekend traveling, and Carter, Craig, and I headed to Dairy Queen for lunch and free cone day!  Don't worry, we brought Jacob a treat for later!  I also caught up on a couple mainstream/Christian movies that I never got a chance to see--"Facing the Giants" and "Fireproof"--that I happened to catch on DVR yesterday.  I still have "Courageous" to go.  I'm currently working on one fun Pinterest craft and might start another soon.  Tomorrow I'm planning on going to the gym and meeting my old weekly lunch buddies for lunch.  As I have all along, I'm keeping busy.  It's all I can do at this point.

In the meantime, here are a few pictures I hadn't bothered to upload until today.  I took them at Jacob's lacrosse game last week.  This week's game was his last for a few weeks, before the spring outdoor season starts.  Yes, it's still freezing out there and the fields still have snow covering lots of mud, so who knows if the season is actually going to start on time.  I'm sort of relieved the winter season is done, even though Jacob made a lot of progress.  I enjoy watching him, for sure, but I will enjoy having our Saturdays back for a while and not having to convince him to go to practice every Tuesday.  I missed his only goal this season a couple months ago--one of the few games I missed--but this season he definitely got some good shots off, got quite a few loose balls, and has positioned himself to be a good player once the really good players (who are sort of ball hogs that only pass to one another) move up.  Anyway...

Carter is a handful at games, usually trying to run away.  Food (note the snack cup in the lower left) usually helps.

That's Jacob right in the middle in the white jersey.  He's still not a big kid out there, but he's no longer one of the littlest.
I'm very proud of him and I'm interested to see how the spring season goes.  I also can't wait for baseball.  I love watching him succeed, because amidst the constant nagging and disciplining at home, I need those opportunities to praise him for the stuff he does well. 

So....stay tuned...hopefully good things are ahead...

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