Sunday, February 9, 2014

News & Notes...Again...

Just a few random things from the weekend...

We had a pretty good weekend as a whole.  Jacob had his moments, as usual, and Carter is turning into a royal handful, but we still managed to have one of those weekends that mixed productivity, fun, and relaxing.  It was maybe a little short on relaxing, but the other two helped that not be too much of a loss. 

Saturday morning was pretty low key.  I switched out most of the rest of my winter decorations for a couple more Valentine-inspired pieces, and brought up a new toy for Carter from Jacob's old stash in the basement.  I thought it might be a good time to bring up the ball popper.  It plays music and pops balls out of it, some of which fall back into the top and most of which careen all over the room.  It used to make Jacob crack up.  Carter enjoyed it, but strangely Jacob seemed to enjoy its return even more.  The one cute thing is that he spent a while trying to show Carter how to use it to play baseball.  He'd hit the balls that hovered as the air didn't have quite enough oomph to "pop" them.  Other than the fact he was often close to hitting him with his batted balls, it was cute to see him acknowledging Carter in a positive way.  I did take video but I need to get it uploaded. 

Carter took a great nap to give Jacob and me a little time to hang out.  We didn't do anything specific, but it was a pleasant time nonetheless.  We just chatted and hung out interrupted, which was nice.  Craig was already off to work, and we had to keep an eye on the clock for his lacrosse game at 3pm.  Carter slept for so long that in the end it was a bit of a rush, but we got there.  His game was fine (yet another win--they still haven't lost) and he almost got to touch the ball this time (a few kids dominate--he'll get his chance next year, if nothing else).  Lori came to watch the game, and met up with us back home shortly after to head to the Knighthawks game with us. 

We rushed through dinner and headed out a little early to go see the Jack and the Beanstalk balloon display I mentioned the other day.  All the pictures below are from Friday, but you get the idea...

Jack's mom (I think) yelling at him about the beans.  You can't see all of the details that well, but there's a cuckoo clock on the left and patches made out of dozens of tiny balloons on her apron.

Ground level, looking across the garden at the stalk.  Note that everything you see, including all the ground cover, is balloons!

Looking up at five stories of balloons!

The detail in the garden--I love the tiny balloons making up the corn, and notice the giant bugs attacking the pumpkin on the right.

Four stories up, here is the giant in his castle!  The detail on his eyebrows and hair is crazy!

Jack sneaking around the castle with the golden goose!

Looking down...
 It was pretty awesome and even Jacob was impressed.  The game was pleasant enough, though Carter was a little more antsy than usual.  We visited with a few people to break it up, and headed out right after the final horn blew (Knighthawks win, much to Jacob's dismay, since he's still cheering for the Bandits).  Both kids went to bed pretty easily, thankfully, and I got a little me time in before bed.

This morning was the usual morning rush to get to church on time.  Carter was a bit of a mess at church.  Since he went to bed without his night feeding last night, he woke up hungry and we didn't have his usual bottle during church.  We had to fill an entire hour with toys and Kix, but he was determined to play with the big kids so we had a major struggle.  He was so tired by the end of church but there was too much activity for him to actually sleep.  On the way home we headed to the craft store because we had a bunch of things to look for, and Carter was pretty unhappy for that trip.

Still, we had to persevere because time is ticking down.  We had to look for a couple things for Carter's party, and I wanted to bring Jacob because he's got this 100 Days of School project to do, where we have to make a mobile with 100 objects hanging from it.  It could be 100 pom poms, pieces of cereal, bows, etc.  He still hasn't settled on anything, but I did suggest he take a cue from the other project I was shopping for.  I recently tossed the Valentine's Day wire garland that I used to put on our ficus tree, because the foil shapes on it kept falling off everywhere whenever it was disturbed.  I didn't want Carter choking on any of them, and I was sick of picking them up all over the in the trash it went.  In its place I wanted to do a chain garland.  I opted to use felt.  I fell in love with this stiffer felt with sparkles on it, which I'm regretting a bit as my loops aren't as smooth as I'd like, but it's getting there.  I'm stitching them since I don't think glue would hold.  It's a bit of a project, but I think it will look cool when it's done.  I have one more Valentine project in the works, too--another garland of sorts to put on the TV stand, entrance bench, or mantel. 

I worked on that this afternoon while Carter took a marathon nap (he finally fell asleep on the way home from the store and slept about three hours!) and Jacob took on his Valentines.  We were given very specific instructions on how to do them (numbering with the names), and after a few early hiccups, Jacob did all 25 in one sitting without any drama.  It was awesome!  I was so proud of him.  After he was done, he started in on a little crafty project using some of the felt we picked up at the store, including a felt pennant.  I felt like the 33 cents or whatever was totally worth seeing what he'd do with it.  He was cute and his imagination amazed me as usual. 

We went out to dinner tonight to our new Red Robin.  He did very well there, as well, and Carter ate a ton--all of the chicken, veggies, and cheese I packed for him, along with some leftover Kix and a few of my fries.  I can't really remember Jacob's eating habits at this age, but I'm pretty sure Carter is kicking his butt right now :)  Those extra four teeth probably help, though! 

As part of our outing we stopped at yet another craft store--I only ended up buying a frame for Jacob's awesome fish painting--and Target, to look for a few things, like a birthday outfit for Carter (no luck) and a stapler (partly for my one Valentine's project). 

It wasn't a particularly amazing weekend, just pleasant and with some nice bright spots.  It's going to be a busy week getting ready for the party, and I'm eager to get my desk back together tomorrow at work.  A lot to think about this week, but most of it is all for a great cause.  I can't believe my baby is going to be ONE!   

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