Wednesday, March 25, 2015


Yesterday morning I was packing up to go to the gym, and the phone rang.  I didn't recognize the number, but it was local so I picked up.  It turned out to be the call I've been waiting for--I got the job!  I am very excited and even happier that a lot of the little details that I was worried about worked out perfectly.

I will be working for the University of Rochester, the largest employer in this area.  I'll be working in the Annual Giving department.  Part of the job involves the mailings to alumni, but the biggest part is analyzing the data to measure success and increase efficiency.  That part uses my Excel skills and I am very excited to join a team of great people.  Everyone I met seems really nice, and the extra bonus is that a former co-worker of mine (two jobs ago) works in the same department (but a different group).  It's nice to know she's there, and she has already invited me to join her for lunchtime walks when the weather breaks!  Obviously the hard part starts when the job does, but at the moment I feel relief to actually have a job, and excitement that the job seems like such a great fit for me.

So much of this experience seems divinely appointed.  Things just fell into place so beautifully, right down to the little details.  See, three years ago I met with my former co-worker for lunch.  A job was open in her department and she thought I'd be a good fit.  It sounded really appealing, but at the time I knew I wanted to have another baby and I really didn't want to leave my old job.  I truly enjoyed the people I worked with and liked what I did.  I didn't like the idea of leaving behind something known for something unknown, and I didn't want to immediately get pregnant and leave my new employer in the lurch, either.  The timing just wasn't right. 

Fast-forward three years, one baby, and one layoff later, and the first person I contacted when I got home after the layoff was my old co-worker.  And in her words, my timing was perfect!  There were open jobs that would work, and based on everything she told me, they sounded great.  And sure enough, the one job in particular seemed like a perfect fit.  It was heavy in Excel and incorporated some elements of skills from my first job, too.  The interview process was downright pleasant, and everyone was so friendly.  There are a lot of working moms there, too.  Getting in at U of R posed a great opportunity, for so many reasons. 

The further I got into this process, the more I realized how perfect it was.  On one hand I was confident that I was a very good candidate for the position, but on the other I worried that some factor would prevent me from getting it, and I feared where that would leave me.  I mean, if there's a position that's such a good match and I don't get it, what does that say about other positions?  About me?  My skills are broad but a little odd, I guess.  My old job was an atypical "analyst" position, and I didn't have certain skills that job postings for "regular" analyst positions requested.  That doesn't exactly put me at the top of those lists.  On the other side of the coin, my skills were broad enough that finding a good search term on job sites was tough.  I worried that if I didn't get this one, I'd never find another one that fit me so well.  

I had a good feeling throughout the process, since my skills lined up so well with what they seemed to be looking for.  I got along well with everyone who interviewed me, and I suppose I was also a "non-contingent" candidate.  You know, when you sell a house, you look for the buyer that doesn't need to sell a house on their end so things can move along quickly.  For this job, I was already free of limitations from another job and ready to get back to work as soon as possible. 

It was a long process, but getting the call on Tuesday morning made everything worth it.  On top of that, it put my mind at ease about a lot of other things.  I don't start until the Monday after Easter, which means I get to spend Good Friday with my family like usual and I won't have to find care for the kids, whose daycare is closed that day.  Jacob is off all next week, too, so I'll be able to spend some of the week with him.  I'm putting them both on Carter's Tuesday-Thursday schedule, just in case anything else comes up that needs attending to, and so Jacob gets a couple days at daycare like he always wants.

In addition, the salary was higher than expected, vacation is comparable (though I will miss my Christmas week off!), and my concerns about having to start earlier in the morning ended up to not be an issue.  It really looks like a great situation all around.  It won't be an easy job--everyone definitely seems busy--but I hope it's work I love.

So, I have a little over a week to enjoy my time off, have time with the kids, and tie up any loose ends.  I have to do a little running around tomorrow--some work-related and some not--and I need to start making firm plans for next week.  I still have a couple projects to get to, I need to plan food for Easter meals, and I want to investigate a couple fun things for Jacob's break.  Never a dull moment, even 10 weeks into this break!  Crazy.  But I'm so thrilled to have this new job that I think it's offsetting my sadness that my time off is coming to an end.  I'll have a lot of thoughts on this experience in the days to come, but within a couple weeks we'll be back to your regularly scheduled working mom programming :)

Stay tuned...  

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