Monday, March 23, 2015

Not What We Were Expecting....

A month or so ago, Jacob's lacrosse team decided to do a group outing to a Syracuse University lacrosse game.  I've been to the Carrier Dome for one or two events related to the lacrosse team (alumni stuff that Craig wants to cover, mostly), but this was my first real game.  With Craig having this weekend off (which almost never happens and was very fortunate!), we couldn't wait to go.  As with so many things that are planned in advance, it didn't go quite how we planned it.

Saturday evening we ran out to the mall because Craig needed some new jeans, and as we were waiting in line I noticed that Jacob had a minor rash on the back of his neck.  It was on his back and his belly, as well.  It wasn't really itchy and he felt fine other than a cold he's had for a couple days, so I figured we'd just keep an eye on it.  We had a small window the next morning where we could get him into the doctor and not be late for the 12:30 game (plus the 1:45 drive down the Thruway), so we just kept that in mind.

The rash wasn't any better the next morning, so Craig took him to the doctor just to be safe.  His rapid strep test was negative, but the doctor gave him antibiotics just in case the real test came back positive, since the rash can be a symptom.  He still seemed fine and wasn't considered contagious, so we headed off to Syracuse a little later than we'd have liked, but still on time.  I brought a sandwich for Jacob to eat in the car, since we weren't going to have time to stop for lunch beforehand, and the rest of us could more easily eat at the stadium.  Well, somewhere along the way, he started to not feel great.  He drank a juice box but did not want the sandwich. 

A few minutes outside the city we ran into major traffic.  Apparently most of it was going to the game, which surprised us.  We ended up sitting in traffic for over a half hour, which made us late to the game.  If that wasn't enough, parking was hard to come by and we ended up being directed off to a residential quad up the hill from the stadium to park.  It was crazy and quite frustrating.  I had to pee very badly and I was getting hungry, Jacob was complaining that he was nauseous, and we were really late to the game already.  By that point, I was ready to just go back home.  I didn't want to worry about a sick kid and the whole experience was exhausting.  Jacob decided at the last minute that he felt okay enough to walk himself into the game, so we all sucked it up and headed in. 

We made it in sometime during the second quarter, but between bathroom breaks, snacks, moving seats, and whatever else, we didn't really get to settle in and enjoy the game until the second half.  By then Jacob was pretty low key and visibly not feeling well.  But we wanted to stick it out until the end because Jacob's team was supposed to go on the field post-game.  Here are a couple shots from the game...
It was very well attended and we ended up in the upper deck!

Syracuse goal celebration!  They went out to a huge lead (13-1 at halftime)! Syracuse is ranked #1 and Duke #4, so the lopsided game was a surprise.

Syracuse wins, 19-7!
After the game we briefly made it down on the field.  A few of Jacob's teammates, as well as some of the older team and some of the girls team, were there as well.  Jacob is the 4th kid from the right.

While we were down there, I snapped this very simple, pleasantly geometric shot of the dome from directly below.

Carter was loving being on the field, and really wanted to play goal!  We got shooed off the field pretty quickly after this, and he screamed the whole way off, the whole way up the stairs, and up in the concourse for a few minutes while we got ready to go.  He really wanted to stay down there!

Jacob really wasn't feeling great by that point, but he gutted it out.  Even though he was disappointed about not being able to spend more time on the field, I did manage to get a nice shot of him on the way off the field...

We got back on the road and the boys fell asleep in the first half hour or so.  Jacob woke up when we had to stop for gas, and went back and forth between feeling OK and being on the verge of throwing up for most of the rest of the trip.  We got home around dinner time and I got the food ready while the boys played.  I gave Jacob the option of eating something really basic--a couple chicken nuggets--instead of the homemade mac and cheese.  He ate that and seemed fine--not great, but stable.  Later on, closer to bedtime, we were watching a movie, and suddenly he was throwing up on the couch!

Most of the time Jacob is pretty self-aware about feeling sick, and he's usually the first one to want the bucket or to run up to the bathroom.  I have no idea what happened this time.  Craig got him cleaned up and settled, and I got Carter into bed (it was time and I wanted him out of the way and away from the germs!) and then worked on laundry...lots of towels AND the couch cushion covers, which I'd never attempted to wash before.  Only two needed it, but I wanted them to match, just in case, so I did all three.  I Febreezed the foam, as well, and hoped for the best.  Jacob woke up about an hour after he went to sleep and threw up again, this time on the comforter we'd laid out on his floor for him to sleep on.  I think that was just sleep grogginess preventing him from getting to the bucket in time.  I threw in another load of laundry and Craig slept in Jacob's room just in case he got sick again (he didn't).

Today I'm home with both kids.  Jacob is doing better, eating and drinking a bit but still having moments where he's unsure it will stay down.  He watched a lot of Scooby-Doo this morning, but this afternoon he's perked up enough to play on the iPad.  The rash seems to have mostly cleared from his torso, but it's really up on his cheeks now.  I told him he looks like a teenager with acne ;-)  Poor kid, he just can't catch a break.

At this point I'm clearly hoping that none of the rest of us get it.  Carter was a little odd this morning in that he didn't want to eat breakfast and was a little more cranky than usual, but he snacked on cereal later, ate lunch just fine, fought his nap a bit, and has now been sleeping for about an hour and a half.  I'm definitely keeping an eye out for a rash or any sign that he's getting this virus.  Craig and I have had some tummy rumbles and things like that, but sometimes I think we psych ourselves out a bit.  We'll see. 

The good news is that I'm still home to take care of any sickies.  The bad news, of course, is that I'm no longer making money as I sit here.  Over the weekend I got a response to my Friday follow-up saying that I might hear something today on the job front.  The message seemed positive (there was a "hang in'll be worth it" vibe, I felt) and included a smiley face emoticon, which I took as a good sign.  Nothing yet today, however, which could be a function of HR handling that end of things, rather than the people within the group I'd be working with.  I don't mind hanging in there for a couple extra days...but only if I get it in the end!  I can't get unemployment until Wednesday, technically, because my severance went until last Tuesday and you need a no-pay week.  Hopefully I can at least squeak out a little money during this time, right?

So...still waiting, on a lot of fronts, I suppose.  Waiting on the job, waiting on illnesses, waiting on money, waiting to plan out our Easter weekend...but hopefully we'll get some good answers soon!

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