Friday, March 13, 2015

News & Notes, Almost Spring Edition

The weather around here has been amazing over the past few days.  Considering we've still been hanging out in the 40s, it's a clear indicator of just how miserable our winter was.  February was the coldest month EVER in Rochester and we survived, so I guess it's no wonder our expectations are low.  Even still, feeling mid-40s after weeks of weather in the teens (and even below zero) has been wonderful.  The snow has melted rapidly and we're even seeing spots of grass...even though most parts of the yard still have a solid foot of snow left to melt, if not more near the driveway where we shoveled.  The driveway is very close to being back to its full width for the first time since early January.  It's been amazing to watch the transformation.  Of course, it didn't come without a minor issue with the house.  Fortunately, it was confined to our porch, where ice damming caused water to back up into the area over our porch.  It caused the porch ceiling (aluminum paneling, maybe?) to sag, and as we pushed on the paneling, water gushed out the end.  We had a couple days of that, but it appears to have cleared up now.  It's hard to know if there's actual damage up there, but at least it's not in the house.

The boys have enjoyed the improved weather and the later sunset post-time change.  Tonight Jacob was playing lacrosse and Carter was riding his "bikes" and walking with his lawnmower.  Carter pitches a serious fit every time we need to come in.  It's still hard since Jacob won't play with him and Craig and Jacob usually play something that's hard for Carter to join in on.  Hopefully as baseball season approaches they can work on Carter batting off a tee and Jacob can work on his catching and fielding. 

Yesterday I had my third round of interviews for the job I really want.  I will hopefully hear next week.  I don't know what I will do if I don't get it, but at this point I feel like I've done everything I can to get it.  My skills are a great fit for what they want, and I felt like I connected well with everyone I met with.  Still, you never know who you're going up against and there's only so much that's within my control.  I could do everything right and still not get it for some reason that is completely separate from anything I them giving preference to an internal candidate or someone with a better connection than I had.  Still, I aced my Excel test and have experience with so much of what they're looking for.  So, I'm definitely hopeful but still nervous.  Craig might be more nervous than me, though, so for his sake I really hope I get it.  Otherwise I'll be on unemployment and be back to the drawing board for the foreseeable future.

Yesterday morning I had breakfast with my two former department mates.  It was the first time we got to hang out since I was let go.  They're seriously busy without me, of course.  Hearing even a few horror stories was enough to remind me that moving on to new work problems (everyone has them!) might not be such a bad thing.  Still, I feel bad for them, particularly in light of the fact that I've had two months to relax and recharge.  They didn't have much more insight on why the hammer fell my way, other than the same conclusion I came to--that the upper management had no idea that they didn't know how to do the things I did, and never bothered to ask.  I was literally just a salary to them.  Many other experienced "salaries" have also been cut, so I know I'm not alone.  But it's sad.

Carter may be the cutest kid ever, but he definitely knows how to push buttons these days.  He has a tendency to hit people, hit things with toys, throw things, and cause general chaos.  He's making Jacob nuts, and we're following right along.  He's constantly scattering toys all over the house, throwing things he shouldn't, and hitting or making a giant mess when he gets mad.  He thinks it's all funny, unfortunately.  We're working on it and hoping he outgrows it, but it worries me.  I don't want to get into a lengthy battle of wills with him.  We know how that went with Jacob.  Heck, it's still going on.  Lately we're battling his smart mouth--lots of talking back, smart comments, and bossy demands.  A couple years ago I remember hearing a quote from Kate Gosselin (of Jon and Kate Plus Eight fame) that stated she only let her kids have iPhones so she had something to take away.  I am totally on board with that.  That's about the only way we can motivate him to listen.  Not ideal, but we muddle through.  Always a work in progress.

Craig is on a roadtrip this weekend so it's just me and the boys for a couple days.  Jacob's last lacrosse game in the winter season is tomorrow and beyond that we're pretty low on plans.  I'm trying to think of something fun for the evening just to get Jacob out from the electronics and ensure Carter doesn't drive either of us nuts.  Still, it's always challenging to go out with both of them alone, because in the event they both don't listen at the same time, I can't always tackle two kids at once.  I really haven't felt like that for very long, only recently since Carter started getting very opinionated and got the guts to wander off without me.  So, we'll see. 

I'm definitely in a weird spot these days, simultaneously hoping that I get a job but sad that my days at home might be numbered.  I'm trying to savor every last minute and get as much done as I can.  I'm still working through a stack of old magazines and one more book by the one author I read.  Today I dug into Carter's baby book, which is seriously behind.  I have a lot of stuff ready to add, and this blog to try to fill in the blanks, but there is a lot of tough stuff.  Today I spent most of Carter's nap Googling his birth date to find headlines, prices, and pop culture stuff from when he was born.  I also filled in what I had from his heights and weights, and I'm working on his teeth and milestones, but perhaps I didn't track them as well as I thought.  This blog makes up for it, right?  Anyway, I'm trying to savor my time with Carter, too, but after forgetting two things on our schedule in the last week, I'm realizing that maybe I need to get back into a routine! 

So...this should be a big week for us.  It's important, too, to start making plans as Easter approaches.  I don't have answers for daycare about spring break or answers for my family about Good Friday (and therefore, Easter weekend as a whole), so once this job situation is clarified a bit, that will help.  On Wednesday I'm also getting to the doctor for a well visit for the first time in ages, so that's another fresh start on its own.  Here goes nothing...

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