Monday, March 30, 2015


As I mentioned in my last post, the weather has been pretty dreadful lately.  The kids have been dying to get outside, so the second the weather was back in the mid-40s with sun and no wind or rain, we were out there!  I was eager to get out and put Easter eggs on our tree and bushes, since Easter is a week away and all of the snow, rain, mud, and cold had kept me from doing it earlier.  Jacob wanted to play baseball, and Carter wanted to ride his bike.  It still wasn't warm, but it was better than it has been!

Not sure what Jacob is doing in this picture, but he's not looking for a pop fly or complaining...I know that much!  I just thought it was funny!

Carter wanted to get in on the baseball action, so Daddy was helping him with his form at the tee...

He wanted to put on the helmet but kept trying to put it on backward!  We were joking that he looked like a character from a Charlie Brown episode where a really little kid wanted to join the baseball team and the helmet was as big as he was!

Once he got it on right, he was a pretty stinkin' cute ballplayer...

Jacob kept working on his fielding and managed to find every patch of mud he could.  Notice the knees, and imagine a matching patch on his butt! 

Between Jacob's mud and Carter brushing up against salty cars in the garage, both winter coats got a late-season washing last night!  It felt good to be outside and feel the sun, but we really need a little more warmth!  The forecast for this week looks a little better than it had been looking, so hopefully we get to be outside a little this week while Jacob is home and I'm enjoying my last week before my new job starts!

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