Friday, March 20, 2015

Keeping Busy

So....another week, still no answers.  I did find out that my two former co-workers were contacted for letters of recommendation (which they provided right away), so that's a good sign.  I sent an email today to check in, but I didn't hear back...not that I expected to, really.  I have to think that I will definitely hear something next week.  Of course, my big fear if I do get the job is that I'll have to ask off on Good Friday because both boys are off since daycare is closed.  My backup plan has some flaws right now, so I just have to hope it's already a holiday for them...and that this is the biggest problem on my agenda by then! 

In the meantime I'm trying to keep myself busy.  My doctor's appointment this week went well, and based on what I'm seeing in my bloodwork, my only problem is (still) my cholesterol, which is just above 250.  I'd really just like to go on medication for that since I'm fighting a losing genetic battle.  Could I improve my diet?  Maybe, if I wanted to suck all the joy out of eating.  With our gluten-free restrictions it's hard as it is, and quite frankly, I'm at a healthy weight and my diet is pretty reasonably decent as it is.  My guess is that genetics will win regardless.  But at least everything else seems fine.

Earlier this week I started playing around with a couple Pinterest projects.  I figure I might as well do them while I have the time!  One of them was a random "Shrinky Dink" jewelry project.  I'd pinned it a couple weeks ago, and then happened to realize I had the #6 plastic that I needed to do it in my pantry.  I bought a container of fastnachts (gluten-filled, donut-like baked goods that are available during Lent) a couple weekends ago (so good!), and the container was the exact type of plastic I needed for the project.  Just like Shrinky Dinks, the plastic will shrink and thicken when placed in a hot oven.  The Pinterest project used the plastic to make fun jewelry by having a child scribble colors on the plastic, cutting it up, punching holes, shrinking it, and using jewelry hardware to put it all together.  I did a lot of playing with the pieces I ended up with, and did three fun pieces. 

Upper left is a pendant, lower left is a bracelet, and on the right is a complete necklace.
The bracelet was basically a carbon copy of the one from the pin.  All of the scribbles look like fun abstract art when shrunk down.  Each bead is maybe a centimeter wide, and I connected them with jump rings.  I like that they're clear and light, but still colorful.

Once I finished with the bracelet, I have some pieces leftover--some additional unused links (I saved some in case any break) and some additional odd-sized pieces that I punched holes in and shrunk for fun.  In addition to the little end caps and jump rings, I bought some clear string for necklaces so I could fix an old beaded necklace of my grandma's that Carter destroyed a year or so ago.  I used three tiny pieces with jump rings and created a very delicate illusion necklace.  It's really simple and sweet.  Sorry about the sideways picture--I don't know why it flipped--but you get the idea.

The third piece was a triple linked pendant that I put on a chain I had. 

They turned out so much better than I expected and I love each of them.  Of course, my next experimental batch (completely colored in, larger red and blue pieces) didn't work so well.  The plastic had some flaws, but I'm not sure if it had to do with needing to draw on a certain side, or having a certain side face-down in the oven, or that I put them on a hot pan (with once-used parchment), rather than a cool pan.  I'll keep playing, though.
When I bought my jewelry supplies, I also bought a stack of felt.  I bought 11 different colors so I could make a very cheap, portable toy.  I don't know if Carter's quite ready, but since I have the time I wanted to get it done.  I pinned this one ages ago, probably close to two years ago when I first joined Pinterest to give me another diversion during nursing sessions.  I loved the idea of a felt Mr. Potato Head set, all contained in a travel wipes case!  I just happened to have an extra hanging out, so for $2.53 + tax, I made this little beauty:

I used one as a guide but made it my own.  I had fold out flaps for more storage and had lots of fun with the pieces.  I used the real toy as a guide for some of the pieces but made a lot of others, too.  There are blue shoes, women's shoes, sneakers, a bowler hat, a beanie, a women's hat, a baseball hat, brown women's hair,  a purse, a lacrosse stick (ha!), earrings, eyebrows, two sets each of arms and ears, three noses, three lips and some smiley teeth, three mustaches (one of which could also be a unibrow), two generic sets of eyes, one set of women's eyes, a pair of glasses with googly eyes, and one pair of sunglasses.  It's all pretty easily replaced, and it all stores in the case.  I thought it was so cute and so simple that I couldn't resist!  Hopefully Carter learns to play with it in the car since he's pretty bored most of the time on long trips.

Tonight we went to the arena to watch Craig's alma mater, Mercyhurst, play in the Atlantic Conference Hockey Final Four.  Despite getting outshot 62-29, Mercyhurst tied the game with 34 seconds left and won it a little over three minutes into overtime!  After we came home, local favorite RIT beat Buffalo's Canisius, which means RIT and Mercyhurst will play for the championship tomorrow.  We had a nice time, although Carter spent half the night on guard against the other team's mascot!  Here are a few pictures from the night (my first pictures with my real camera in two weeks--shame on me!):
Carter liked drumming on the ledge inside the suite.  He really might be our musician.

This is the mascot that freaked out Carter.  He *was* a little creepy.  He's a "Colonial", in case you were wondering.  I appreciated the hardcore hugs, regardless.
Carter thought it was funny to flick the straw on his cup to fling water, and while I don't normally allow that, the pure joy on his face was irresistible...

And in case you're wondering, I did try to take pictures of Jacob, too, but he either makes a weird face or gives up smiling before I can get a good shot.  Ugh.  Not the most patient kid.  Still, the boys were pretty good tonight and we had a nice time. 

Sunday we're off to Syracuse to see the Orange take on Duke in lacrosse, as part of a group of Jacob's teammates.  I've never seen a real Syracuse game in person, so it should be fun.  With these two games and the start of March Madness, this is shaping up to be a full college sports weekend.  It's so nice to have Craig off (again), but he's got a busy April (and possibly May) ahead so we really need to make the most of our time now.  Should be a good couple days.  Now if only the weather would get its act together and actually act like it's spring, we'd be all set...


Unknown said...

Oh my gosh, the felt Mr. Potato Head project is awesome! And I love that you can customize the accessories for the kid's interests. I have two flights scheduled with our two-year-old this spring. I'm going to give this a try!

AmyRyb said...

Thanks, I'm pretty happy with it! I used the real Mr. Potato Head pieces as an example when I started, as well as some of the other ideas from the pin I was looking at. From there it was fun to get creative and use my imagination! And the good news is that kids aren't too picky about quality :) Good luck!