Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Working Together (Sort Of...)

Before I get into the main topic of this post, I wanted to mention something I forgot to include in my last News & Notes post.  That's what I get for writing distracted and/or tired!  Anyway, Jacob had a couple very good days at school last week.  Thursday I got an email from his teacher.  Those always scare me a little, but this was a good one!  He wore his fedora to school that day (the one he got for his birthday), first of all, and she thought it was so cute!  Then she said that he got to get on the P.A. system that morning and ask everyone to stand for the pledge.  For the pledge he took off his hat and held it over his heart, which his teacher said melted every adult's heart in the room!  I credit going to a lot of sporting events and being around a military/political family, but it was really nice to hear.  Then on Friday he was a "Bucket Filler", which is a special designation at his school.  I don't know the full process for getting named one, but I think you earn bucket filler coupons for doing good things, and every week someone gets picked from each class to go to a special event where they do a craft, among other things.  It took a while for him to be one last year and I was wondering about this year since his behavior had been so much better overall.  It was nice to hear he'd finally been chosen.  Finally, he also told us that a vase he made in art class got picked for the district-wide art show at the mall coming up in the next couple months.  I haven't gotten confirmation on that yet, but I'm very excited!  I'm sure there will be pictures if he is indeed right!

Anyway...Monday was the first day of spring break and I was home with both kids.  We had a good start to the day as we all collaborated on making an awesome circus with Duplo blocks!  It turned into quite the project.  Carter was helpful in the beginning but then had a tendency to crawl over things and break them, so he was a little less helpful in the collaboration by the end.  But here is the finished product...
The train stops at the entrance and there's a ticket window and official entrance with flags...
To the left is a crazy vehicle Jacob made.  I'm not sure what its purpose is here, but I guess it's either a display piece or something for the kids to climb in.  To the right is a playground with a swing, a slide, a ride-on vehicle, and a playhouse.
The next section includes a performer on a horse, a bear in an enclosure, and a goat on my Lego version of one of those goat walks (they have them at pumpkin patches where you feed the goats up on the walkways using a pulley system).
On the right is a (very unstable) stairway across the tracks to our version of the "big top"...or the "arena" as Jacob called it.  He did all of the very artistic construction of the structure itself

There is some sort of a high dive setup on the left, both where the little girl is standing and above her, with a mat on the ground below.  You can also see the ringmaster standing in the back.

Looking at it from another angle, you can see the clown standing on the elephant, and the tiger with the flaming jump.
If you look back in the first picture you can also see the fleet of service and security vehicles that Jacob created.  I was happy with the train track because it has two circuits...one to travel around the whole circus and one to just ride around a smaller part like a ride. 
We had a lot of fun just getting creative with it!  And even though Carter got to be a bit of a hindrance by the end of it, it was nice that we could all sort of play in the same area without making anyone nuts.  Being at home with both boys is a little like being a full-time referee, since they're constantly in each other's space--Carter just wanting to love Jacob, and Jacob just trying to bait Carter.  Finding one activity that we all can do is challenging!  I can't say that the harmony continued all day, but we did OK.  They're both going to daycare for two days this week, today and Thursday.  I wanted to keep Carter on his schedule, keep my schedule open, and give Jacob a couple days at daycare since he was looking forward to doing break there. 
Carter has been under the weather for a few days now.  He got a fever on Sunday and it was gone by midday yesterday, but then the diarrhea started.  It hasn't been out of control, just four or five very loose BMs.  At the same time, he's seemed uncomfortable with eating.  His mood seems too good to be experiencing major discomfort from the diarrhea, but it seems like his teeth might be bothering him.  Two are partly in, and it seems like at least one more is on the verge of breaking through.  He didn't want to eat much of last night's dinner--he'd chew his chicken and then spit it out--and tonight's dinner was even worse.  We went out for pizza, which he seemed excited about, but then he barely ate any of it (like, literally two tiny bites).  He tried to lick some pieces but spit out half of what he did try to chew.  All I can figure is that his teeth are bothering him and it hurts too much to chew.  Poor kid.
I'm trying to find a few fun things to do over the next couple days, and then we'll be on to a fun weekend!

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