Saturday, December 31, 2011

A Week at Home

It's been an interesting week at home.  I'm always a bit cautious about these weeks home with Jacob, just because I'm well aware that I may not be suited to full time mothering at home.  I've long said that I'm made to work part time.  I need the adult interaction, but I still feel like the couple weekend days and a bunch of evenings aren't quite enough.  It's hard to find time among errands and relaxing during my non-work hours where Jacob isn't sleeping but is a willing participant in whatever I'd like to do.  It's a tough balance at best.

I was looking forward to this week because Jacob got some crafty stuff for Christmas and I figured it would be a good week to play around with some of it.  The other night we did Play-Doh for the first time ever, despite having numerous little cans of it sitting around, courtesy of goody bags from daycare and parties.  I just never wanted to take the time or deal with the mess.  But this week, it seemed manageable.  And it was....we had a good time.  It took Jacob some time to get used to rolling it out and using cookie cutters, but he was really great with it. 

Not bad for an automatic timer shot!

Making "cookies"
Wednesday morning we built a giant tower with MegaBloks...

...and later that day we took Jacob to a lacrosse camp that Craig had players at.  Strangely, Jacob didn't look that much smaller than the smallest kids, who are a few years older than him.  He didn't get to play long, but he certainly looked cute doing it...

Thursday I had planned to send Jacob to daycare, just in case there was anything I needed to do, returns, etc.  In the end it turned into a date day for Craig and me.  We saw a movie ("The Muppets"--brought back good memories and I wish "The Muppet Show" was still around), went out to lunch, and did some shopping.  It was a nice day and I think it's good to do that once in a while. 

Friday night we went to an open house at the sports complex near our house.  We're planning on sending Jacob there for one sport or another next summer since he's just too young for tee-ball (which is crazy since he's probably at least as good as those kids already).  I just got a Groupon-esque deal for half off, too!  Anyway, most of the local teams had players and/or mascots there, and Jacob spent most of the night playing soccer.  I made him watch a magic show and he took a break to go see the Rhinos' mascot, Rex, but neither the inflatable slides and obstacle courses, nor the lure of pizza, were much of a distraction. 

I still have a few days to go since we're all off Monday, but it's been a good week.  To be honest, we're a little slow getting going in the morning, and Jacob is all about playing anyway, so by the time we get through lunch and nap, the day seems mostly over...just a little more playtime and dinner before bedtime creeps up.  He's taken a few marathon naps during this break, which seem to hinder bedtime a bit.  I think he's probably getting to the point where he could start giving up his nap, but since he takes it, it gives him an abundance of energy.  He can keep it up as long as he needs to, even though it's a little inconvenient sometimes.

It's nice to have the time to sit and play with him, and to do some of the stuff we don't usually get around to doing.  He's at a fun age right now, where he can get into some of this stuff and isn't always stubborn like he was a while back.  He plays well by himself, too, so I've had some opportunities to blog, clean or relax...which has been a welcomed opportunity.  Still so much more I'd like to do, but hopefully the next few days can be productive as well.  I've organized toys, washed our kitchen floor (more on that in another post), and hope to do some laundry today, among other things.  I could take down the Christmas stuff, but I can't bring myself to do it just yet.  It takes me a little while to downshift from Christmas.  I hate when Christmas lights start disappearing from the neighborhood and trees start appearing on the curb.  I cringe when people post on Facebook that their tree is down on the 26th.  I sort of like the lazy side of Christmas, even if it is a little depressing to know that the fun is over. 

We have some fun things to look forward to, though.  Next weekend Jacob is going to his first Sabres' game, and Knighthawks season is just around the corner.  Later this year we're going to Disney with Craig's whole family (part of our Christmas gift!), and hopefully this will be the year we add to our family...though we need things to start working out sooner rather than later for that to happen.  2011 was a year of ups and downs.  Despite the losses (primarily my aunt and grandma), we still had a good year--we gained a nephew, took a great vacation, and came out of the changes in Craig's job no poorer but with more free time.  So, overall, not too bad.  I pray that this coming year is at least this good, and hopefully even better.  Best wishes to everyone out there for a very happy and healthy 2012!

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