Saturday, December 10, 2011

Back in the swing of things...

I've been back for a few days now, and as you can probably guess by the lack of blog content, I've been busy.  Work has been crazy, and it will only get crazier since we have just a couple weeks left before a week off at Christmas, and lots of activities and parties and vacation days to work around.  I don't even think I can fit in all of my vacation days, since my request for the 23rd was denied (eh, it'll be a half day anyway).  I've got a cookie swap and our department's holiday celebration next week, as well as my office party and Jacob's Christmas concert.  We have a ridiculous amount of shopping to do, and I already feel like the Christmas season is slipping away without a good opportunity to enjoy it.  I don't think any of us are feeling particularly fantastic--I feel like I'm on the verge of another cold, after never getting over the other two I've had over the last six weeks or so; Jacob had a couple lengthy coughing fits the other night; and Craig has had some cold symptoms, too.  On the bright side, Craig has been doing a fantastic job losing weight lately, so at least one part of the health department is going well.  And no, not even close to any baby news these days.
Coming back home has been...interesting.  It was a little frustrating coming home to things being a little out of place--laundry in the wrong drawers, all out of certain foods, etc.  I shouldn't complain, because it means that Craig did laundry and they didn't just eat fast food the whole time, but it's hard to come back and have to resettle more than just yourself.  My jet lag wasn't too bad since I never actually adjusted to Pacific time, but I was still very grateful for my extra day off before going back to work, even if it wasn't nearly as productive as I would have liked it to be.  Lately I've been feeling like there aren't enough hours in the day...and if I'm not feeling that way at any given moment, I'm probably forgetting half of what I need to be doing.  It absolutely boggles my mind--whether I'm at home or at work--how quickly time passes after I put things off.  Suddenly weeks (or months!) have passed and I never got back to something.  It's pretty awful and there are times I wonder how on earth I'll ever keep up with anything if this second baby ever happens.

This month is yet another excuse to let the housework slide.  I'm busy enough with shopping and decorating and planning, and it's probably not good, but all of the other stuff just doesn't get done.  And I'm sure next month I'll find plenty of other better things to do yet again.  And suddenly I'll realize it's been a couple months since the last thorough cleaning, or that I've been trying to get around to shampooing the rest of my carpets for weeks.  Time passes all too fast.  As much as I keep trying to rush the pregnancy thing, I know there's so much I could be doing in the meantime. 

Speaking of time passing, I think Jacob aged while I was gone.  Sounds silly, but maybe it's just a changed perspective after having a break.  There are certain things that strike me as much more grown up, like the way he talks or plays with his toys.  He's a pretty awesome kid, though.  He said that he missed me, and he's been pretty generous with the hugs and kisses since I got back.  He still has moments that are so infuriating, though, where he just blatantly ignores what we're asking.  I had very little tolerance for that when I got back, surprisingly.  Perhaps Kate is that much better of a listener that I forgot how bad of one Jacob can be.  But the good moments in between are really great these days.  He certainly makes us laugh sometimes, and his sense of humor is definitely moving to a new level.  Oh, and while I'm 100% sure this will jinx us, Jacob's been back in underwear for the first time in a few weeks, and things have been going well.  Very well. 

While I was gone, Craig and Jacob went to an Amerks game and saw Santa.  Jacob hopped right up on Santa's lap and told him he wanted Batman.  That's quite a switch, but it's further proof our little boy is growing up.  I'm excited for Christmas this year and hope he's happy with his gifts.  And I hope he's grateful.  Hard to believe we only have two more weeks until we find out!  Let the rush begin...

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