Tuesday, December 20, 2011

42 Months

So, today Jacob officially turns 3-1/2.  I feel like I've been calling him 3-1/2 for a while now, but now it's official.  We're halfway through the age of three and headed toward four.  Holy cow.  My baby isn't a baby anymore, as he so often reminds me...and to which I respond that he will always be "my baby".  Yup, already setting up to me that mother-in-law.  Sorry.

Truthfully, I can't imagine how I'll feel when he's legitimately grown up.  Will he still be my baby when he towers over me?  Will I still long to snuggle him on the couch, or will the weirdness of that overpower the urge?  Or will I just be over it, no weirdness necessary?  Or, God forbid, he'll make me so crazy that I'll feel like I barely know him and could never have given birth to him.  Again, God forbid.  I'd like to think that if we made it through the terrible twos, we can make it through anything, but I know that the problems only get bigger and more complex from here. 

But for now, we're in a pretty good spot.  We still have a lot of moments where the selective listening, direct defiance, painful whinyness, and oblivious goofiness when we least need it make us a bit crazy.  But things are getting better.  Jacob is getting to be such a little person.  I think Craig is in all his glory, reliving his youth as Jacob gets into superheroes and Legos.  And, of course, the whole sports thing.  On the other hand, I'm trying to embrace the superheroes and figure out how to accept that they will be part of our world for the next few years.  It's only the beginning, I'm sure.  But when I consider that Jacob is finally getting to a point where he will sit still, hang out, cuddle, and have a normal conversation, superhero everything is a small price to pay.  To watch his little brain work, to see him put things together and make sense of his world, is such an amazing thing.  Up until now, most signs of independence he showed were unwelcome...otherwise known as defiance.  But now we see him do things on his own--get dressed, use the potty, walk into his classroom alone, learn songs--and this kind of independence is pretty awesome.

He's so full of life. He runs, dances, makes up silly words, and pretty much doesn't stop until bedtime. He changes his "uniform" every few minutes. He's passionate about his stuffed animals, his sports, and his superheroes. He's got an infectious giggle, and actually asks to be tickled to let it out. He's exhausting but enchanting, and while there are moments that we'd like things to be a little easier, we are beyond grateful to have him for our son. And today, three and a half years after he entered our world, we're beyond blessed to have him.

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