Friday, December 30, 2011

Photo Friday

Now that we're through Christmas, time to catch up on some pictures from the past few weeks...

Here's a reject from the Christmas card photo shoot.  I got a LOT of this, because every time I went to hit the shutter button, Jacob bent over, moved closer to the camera, and made that crazy face.  Thank goodness we got the ones we did!

We went to the Knighthawks' home preseason game on the 17th, and Jacob kept talking about going on the field postgame.  He loves it, and although it made for a late night, he was such a good boy that we stayed.  I got some fun shots...
Where did this big boy come from?


Posing, per my request.  Didn't quite get the smile I was looking for, but still, he did that pose himself.

Again with the silly, wide-eyed face.  So much for getting a regular old smile...
And now for a few more miscellaneous ones...
Our Christmas card, with bonus artistic shots of one of our ornaments and our nativity scene

The winning picture from Jacob's latest daycare photo shoot. For prints we cropped it just below the hand in the pocket. He looks super handsome and it was well worth the obscene cost to purchase the CD (which was far less than the prints would have cost). There were some other good ones, but this one was HIM. Picture courtesy of CLIX Rochester.

It's Captain America!  Jacob showing off his shirt, shield and mask, all Christmas gifts.  There's that face again...what a goofball!

What a crazy few weeks it has been.  Good weeks, but even with a week off, man, am I tired! 

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