Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Recap!

Wow, what a crazy few days it has been!   I knew last week it would be non-stop, and it was.  But it was awesome.  We really had a great holiday. 

It all started on Friday afternoon.  I made a couple stops on my way home from work (half day, thank goodness!) and started working on one last batch of cookies to take along with us to our family gatherings.  I knew it would take a lot of time, but I still did it.  I had more presents to wrap (including a couple waiting on our doorstep when I got home), and I needed to pack up both Jacob and me for the trip to Buffalo.  It was quite a to do list for the end of the preparation process!  We didn't leave until late-ish that night, but it all got done!

The tree was ready to go, fresh from our annual "test run" visit from Santa, by the time Jacob got home from daycare. 

Jacob very much enjoyed his gifts from Santa and us, as well as Uncle John, Aunt Kristin, Kate, and Max.  This year seemed to be a bit different than the past--he wanted to fly through gifts much more quickly, rather than how he was in the past where he wanted to stop and investigate every single gift.  Too quick, in my opinion, and I found it nearly impossible to get a good picture!  He got a lot of gifts, most of them superhero-themed.  If last year was the year of sports, this was the year of the superhero.  He got a Spider-Man-themed toothbrush/cup holder, a lot of superhero books, Batman slippers, a Captain America Pez dispenser, and a few action figures, among other things.    
Captain America figure!  Oh, by the way, he's in his jammies because it was PJs day at daycare...appropriate for gift opening, though!

First Knighthawks jersey!  They were way discounted so we thought it was just about time for one!

And yes, the Batcave!  This was the big, long-awaited gift, and Santa delivered.  Jacob once again walked in the door and pinpointed which present was the big one he wanted (he did it with his hockey rink last year), and he was right. 
 Jacob loved the Batcave, and admittedly it's pretty cool.  It was tough to pry him away once we finished dinner and packing, but eventually we were off...but not before taking a little detour through a nearby neighborhood to see their amazing lights.  Almost every house decorates, and they even sell hot cocoa and popcorn!  The lights were awesome. 

We got to Craig's parents' house pretty late, but Jacob went back down without a problem and we spent the next morning lazily getting ready for a busy afternoon and evening.  We headed out to Craig's parents' church for Christmas Eve mass, and Jacob was actually pretty good for it!  After that we were off to Craig's aunt's house for the annual Christmas gathering with his extended family.  We ate, Jacob opened a few presents (including the Captain America shield he's been eyeing up and trying on at every department store we've entered for the last few months), and then it was time to head back to Craig's brother's house for our exchange with the immediate family.  The stream of superhero presents continued... 
Captain America mask to go with his shield!

Batman undies...for Daddy!
 He also got a Batman and Batmobile, as well as a bunch of crafty things we'll hopefully play with this week.  He got a couple pairs of PJs and a Captain America t-shirt.  And here are the boys after the gift rush...
Captain America (and other superheroes) PJs!
Everyone seemed to like their gifts a lot, too, so that was great.  The boys played a bunch with their toys (Grant got a Batcave too!) and there were only minimal sharing issues before the kids headed up to bed prior to Santa's arrival.  Jacob even got a little solo playtime before we were ready to head back to Craig's parents' house.  All in all, it was a good (albeit late) night.

Christmas morning Jacob slept in until 9am (good, but bad because we couldn't make it to church with my parents, which would have been nice).  We got ready, packed up, and headed off to my parents'.  It was a much lower key Christmas day than usual, but we had a nice, quiet Christmas dinner with just the five of us.  Jacob opened up presents before and after we ate.  This one was a hit! 
The Jokermobile actually elicited a squeal!

Excited to get the Riddler and his car!
Other than three villains to go with his Batcave, Jacob got a bunch of Lego-themed books and a Viewmaster!  After a nap, we headed to my uncle's house for the annual Binkley gift exchange and smorgasbord.  The adults did a Yankee swap-type exchange, and the kids got gifts from Santa.  Jacob got this awesome Melissa & Doug set where the little boy can be dressed in magnetic outfits, all of which were sports uniforms!  He loved it!
Studying the options...

Anyway, it was really a nice weekend with a good mix of family time and down time.  I ate (and even drank!) a little too much, but it was such a fun time.  Another successful Christmas in the books, and hopefully a fun week to go!

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