Tuesday, December 27, 2011

One more thing for today...

Happy Birthday to this blog! Hard to believe, but it turns four years old today! Four years ago today, I vividly remember sitting down at the computer in the office in our old house and sharing with the world (or at least the select friends and family members that I sent the link to) that we were having a baby. Four years later, that baby is running around the house changing his clothes repeatedly, leaving bits of Batman's "house" on the living room floor, and yelling to me that he peed in the potty. Definitely a big change from that Christmas to this one!
Craig and me with the first ultrasound picture, which we had framed and wrapped up for our parents' Christmas gifts--our way of revealing we were expecting.  I look so young.
I'm not sure I would have expected to still be doing this four years later, but I certainly hoped I would.  And nowadays I'm hoping that I'll have a whole new story to tell at some point in the not-too-distant future.  But I suppose Jacob is enough subject matter for now.  It's worked for this long, anyway. 

FOUR YEARS.  Wow.  As they say, a baby changes everything.

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