Friday, December 2, 2011

Photo Friday

Of course, it's almost the end of Friday in the time zone where most people who read this blog reside, but oh well.  Things are good in Portland, though I do feel a little like I'm missing a body part without having Jacob as my constant companion.  Perhaps being around another child of a similar age makes his absence even more apparent, as some of Kate's tactics are similiar to Jacob's at times, though she's got a girlier, sweeter delivery most of the time.  It's different not having to be the disciplinarian, though...but I appreciate the break.

Here's a couple pictures from late last month:

Jacob discovered he could take the flight goggles off our stuffed Snoopy and he thought it was really funny to wear them.

Jacob has been wearing a ridiculous amount of clothing on a regular basis lately.  This day he was wearing his new lacrosse jersey, his favorite shorts, lacrosse gloves, a fancy helmet that Daddy got him, and his soccer shin guards.  He was ready to go! 

This is at Jacob's daycare thanksgiving feast...this was a totally random face and it seriously cracked me up!

This has nothing to do with Jacob, but I just wanted to share--because isn't this gorgeous?  It's the view from my office.  This is the only redeeming quality of these early sunsets this time of year!

Hopefully more soon from Portland...

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