Saturday, May 21, 2011

So far so good...

Well, Craig is in Prague and Jacob and I are surviving.  It's been a busy couple days, but all is well so far.  I must say, I'm exhausted.  I don't think it has anything to do with Craig being gone, specifically, but things have just been crazy.  I've gone to bed early the last two nights, and it's a good thing.  I've been tired, dropping off right away, and the sleep has helped me get through these long days.  I keep waking up earlier than I'd like, so I guess my internal alarm clock is set in its ways despite the fact that I feel like I need more sleep most of the time.  Usually I can drop back off until it's time to get up, but it's been interesting.  I'm glad I've stuck to the early bedtimes, though.

Craig had some travel hiccups starting with a delayed flight out of Buffalo and a missed connection in New York, but he somehow got to Prague via Paris.  As of this morning his suit bag was still "touring France" as Craig put it, but at least he's there!  The biggest issue so far is that he doesn't have cell coverage.  I've told him he needs to get Skype on his computer ASAP so we can talk that way, but between the time difference and all the technology hiccups, we really haven't had a chance to communicate.  That's been a lot harder than I thought it would be. 

Maybe it's extra tough because so much happened last night.  Jacob and I got home and since the weather was beautiful, I let him play outside a bit.  While we were outside, the neighbor came over and mentioned that if we needed help with our lawn, to let him know.  Admittedly, our lawn was looking straggly.  Our one neighbor next door is a perfectionist, so any lawn would look bad compared to his.  While ours wasn't great, it wasn't that bad.  And the neighbor did say that he didn't care how we kept our lawn--he was more looking to drum up business.  Considering he charges $15/hour vs. a lawn service which is considerably more expensive (which was our backup plan while Craig was gone), it was a good deal.  He mowed our lawn with our mower, and discovered an issue that may have been making Craig's mows less effective.  It took a while to rectify, but he did that and got it mowed and partially cleaned up in an hour.  In the meantime, Jacob was being a handful and I just needed to get us back in the house and fed.  It made for an out-of-nowhere hectic evening, but at least the lawn was done.

Adding to the craziness was the fact that I let Jacob put on big boy underwear when we got home.  He'd been asking, and now that we're into outdoor playing, it's less of a risk to let him wear it.  Despite all the chaos leading me to forget to ask him constantly if he had to pee, he stayed dry.  I asked him to go before dinner, and he went then and stayed dry until bedtime.  I was so proud of him!

This morning I wanted to get my car inspected, but I would have had to leave it too long so I had to skip that.  However, we still went out to run the errands I was planning to do while the car was in--Payless to buy Jacob his summer sandals, Walmart to fill in some holes in Jacob's wardrobe, and the Dollar Store for a couple little things.  The errands went fantastically, lunch was smooth, and after a little delay, he napped like a champ.  I spent his entire nap doing yard work--finishing the mow cleanup, pulling an obscene number of weeds, and doing some trimming and edging.  Our front yard looks great, but the back will have to wait for tomorrow's nap. 

After nap we went to the Lilac Festival with Lori.  It was jammed, since this was the first nice day since the festival started.  Despite a series of traffic jams and a bit of a hectic food-buying experience, we had a nice time.  The weather was amazing.   After we walked around the festival, we decided to cut out and get ice cream somewhere else.  We went to a place close to home where I'd never been but heard about.  The cones were huge...even the baby cone!  Jacob ate nearly his entire twist cone with sprinkles!  Lori and I enjoyed ours as well.  Jacob played outside a little more when we got home, and that was pretty much it.  I think the sugar made him have an uncharacteristically tough bedtime, but he really enjoyed that cone. 

The nagging problem we seem to have right now is that Jacob will not listen.  Sometimes he's great, but sometimes he completely ignores me, and it scares me that he's going to do that at the wrong time.  Today he was waiting for me to cook his lunch, and grabbed a frozen chicken nugget off his plate, and despite me saying no, he still proceeded to take a bite!  I tried to explain to him that he can't do things like that, because the wrong food could make him sick.  But what if it's running into a dangerous situation or touching something that could hurt him?  It's scary and it's frustrating.  I keep reminding Jacob that we need to be a "team" while Daddy is gone, and he seems to like that visual.  I just need him to understand what being part of the team is all about. 

I'll have pictures from today soon, but I need to stick with my early bedtimes so it won't be tonight!  Long story short, though, we're doing well.  We definitely miss having Craig around (and talking to him!), but so far things are fine and we're doing our best to make time pass quickly!  It'll be Memorial Day weekend before we know it!

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