Monday, May 30, 2011

Keeping Busy

Before I get too far into this post, you'll be happy to know that Craig is home, safe and sound.  It's been a long, busy week, and we're very happy to have him home.

Before that, however, we spent a lot of time just trying to keep busy...not that we needed a lot of help considering that our schedule is normally full enough!  As I mentioned, we had a picnic on Wednesday night.  It was a cool but pleasant night, and we had a really nice time eating out in the yard.  And yes, Jacob insisted on wearing his fireman helmet!

Friday I managed to get a little time to myself, which was much appreciated in the midst of over a week of being on call full time.  My boss sent me home early, so I had a couple hours to do whatever I wanted before it was time to pick Jacob up.  Of course, I could have gone and picked him up early, but considering the circumstances, I figured it would be better to get some alone time and pick him up feeling a bit more refreshed.  So, I went to Old Navy, which was having a great sale, and got six things (including a pair of my favorite jeans!) for $35...not bad!

Saturday we had a pleasant morning and early afternoon, and Jacob spent much of it running around looking like this:
The glasses are Handy Manny ones he got in some birthday goodie bag...never really enjoyed until now!
After his nap and squaring up with the neighbor who mowed our lawn while Craig was gone, we were (finally) off to the zoo!  It was a beautiful day for it, particularly since the day before was so cold (hence the jeans in the picture above--our house was freezing until the sun warmed it on Saturday!).  It was a lovely day for a walk, and we had fun seeing all the animals.  We saw the orangutans eat, the big tortoises, birds, frogs, snakes (which Jacob liked this time!), alligators, rhinos, and one of the polar bears.  We finally saw an otter on exhibit (usually the one they've had for years isn't visible when we're there, but there are now two more and one was out), and Jacob loved when it swam right up to where he was standing (on the other side of the glass, of course).  We saw a tiger eating a big hunk of meat, and caught just a glimpse of the penguins before they went off display for the night.  Most of them came right to the zookeeper when she called, a few hung back for a couple minutes, and one begrudgingly hid in a hole until the zookeeper came out to find it!  Here are a few pictures of the day:
Cute picture when we were looking at the small tortoises...

Face to face!

They just put in this little play area, and Jacob loved it!  Playing drums on the turtle...

And more on the alligator...

And saying hi to the alligator--that's his snout!
After the zoo we stopped at the playground on the road out.  Jacob had fun even though there were some bigger kids running amok.  He's still got a bit of a slide phobia, but he did well climbing.  We went to KFC for dinner, since he usually loves it there, and about halfway through the meal, evil Jacob came back--the same one that tortured me last Sunday.  We had to go to Wegmans after dinner, and his behavior was so appalling that I not only took away all his sticks, but put him in bed at 7:30 (waaaay earlier than usual) because I had no other recourse.  And rather than torture myself and risk totally freaking out on him, it seemed like my only option.  He stayed awake until his normal bedtime anyway, but he definitely seemed to get the message based on our Sunday...which I'll post more about soon!  Happy Memorial Day! 

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