Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Randoms du Jour

- Incessant crankiness seems to have given way to exhaustion.  I am down to one prednisone a day for the rest of the work week, and while I don't feel horribly evil today, I am still off because I just feel beat.  I feel like I feel after I spend a long time crying...you know, physically drained, empty-ish sinuses, heavy head and eyes, ready to curl up and take a nap.  The empty sinuses thing is nice, admittedly, but that still doesn't mean I can smell much better than before.  If all of this has been for nothing, I am going to be mighty ticked.  Hopefully the doctor has a nice second set of options on Thursday.  But I feel like a nap would work wonders right now.  Too bad I only have a half hour lunch as I type.  The tiredness may be from my antihistamine nose spray, too, which would probably make sense.

- Craig called me today and said I should join him in Prague for a weekend.  Being the insanely practical girl that I am, that pretty much sounds ridiculous.  But oh, does it sound amazing.  It reminds me of this very week four years ago, when I booked a flight on Thursday morning to leave Friday afternoon for Phoenix, where the Knighthawks were playing in the NLL Championship Game the next day.  I was gone for a little over two days and I still think the $450 I spent on that ticket was among the best I've ever spent.  That was truly one of the best experiences of my life, for so many reasons.  It was a great experience traveling solo across the country to 90 degree weather, spending the day with former co-workers (and friends), and finally seeing a team I love win a championship.  The celebration was amazing and the weekend was full of memories that I cherish to this day.  Heck, I even told Craig at the end of our Toronto weekend that the sting of the Knighthawks losing was ever-so-slightly less than expected just because I will always have my memories from that championship.  At least I got to do it once.  It did not come cheap, but I would have regretted it forever.  So, now, here we are.  I could go to Prague for a very short period of time, share Craig's hotel room, and just figure out how to get there--which he'd like to be able to fundraise, along with his stuff.  I've never been to Europe and it's an interesting prospect--interesting enough that I need to give it at least a little consideration.  And it's fun to dream.  I know that ultimately it's probably not happening and I should not get my hopes up, but man, I'm already dreaming of the pictures I could take.  If nothing comes out of our own pocket (or, say, very little), it's tempting, despite the insanity of traveling that far for just a couple days.  It's not often as a parent you get to do something sort of crazy (and there's still a LOT that would have be worked out so it still wouldn't exactly be like last time), but when the chance comes, I think it's only fair to consider it.  It may not be the tropical, relaxing trip I dreamed about, but it sure would be exotic!

- I've caught myself marveling recently at how time flies.  It's crazy enough that Jacob's almost three, and I still can't quite believe that this walking, talking, athletic little boy is the same one that used to fit in my arms and wear those teeny tiny clothes and miniscule diapers.  Heck, even two years ago he still sat still long enough to nurse.  But here he is, more of a little boy every day.  This morning I realized that this June marks 15 years since my high school graduation.  I know that my life now is light years away from what it was back then, so in that way it seems appropriately long ago.  But I don't feel old enough to have 15 years under my belt since then.  Even just the mere fact that I've been on my own for over 10 years, living away from Buffalo and working a real job, is amazing to me.  And so much has changed over that time.  Lately a lot of friends have been having babies and posting pictures of their kids on Facebook.  I don't know if it's just that Easter, Mother's Day, and/or better weather are making for better photo ops, or if I've just been paying more attention lately, but there's been a lot.  It never ceases to amaze me when I see a group of people I knew as single people--whether it's people from college or my sports-business friends who really took advantage of the single life--married with kids in this whole other phase of life.  Inexplicably, we all grew up.  I get extra thrown off by some of the girls I went to college with, the ones who were younger than me and looked up to my group of friends (a bunch of single women), who now have more/older kids than me.  There are two in particular that I marvel at, how they have grown, married, and had kids, knowing the sweet, nervous girls they were back then--ever-so-slightly concerned about the glut of wonderful-yet-single older girls they saw graduating.  Turns out it shouldn't have been a concern :)  Anyway, time is just flying faster the further we go.  I can't believe we're just over a month away from Jacob's third birthday.  How is that possible?! 

Just a few tidbits for today....hopefully more soon!

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