Thursday, May 19, 2011

Thursday News & Notes

Well, today's the day.  Craig is off.  Saying goodbye was hard this morning.  Apparently it was so hard that Craig stopped by daycare on his way to work to say goodbye to Jacob again, and had to leave before he got visibly emotional.  I'm not sure any of us knows what the next 10 days are going to be like.  It's one thing to be gone for a long time, but at least Craig will have plenty to keep him occupied.  We'll still be at home doing our usual things, but obviously there will be a significant missing piece.  Hopefully we'll keep busy enough to keep any sadness at bay, but I can barely comprehend what 10 days apart is going to be like.  It's a really long time.  I'm finding myself thankful that it's one week bookended by weekends, rather than a full week and a half of weekdays and only one weekend.  Weekends go quicker, so a 10-day span with two of them should go more quickly than any other arrangement.  I keep hoping this is all overblown and things will go smoothly, and Craig will be back before we know it.  We shall see...

In other news...

- I never mentioned what happened at our respective doctor's appointments last week.  Jacob was measured at 37-1/4 inches and 32 pounds at his appointment.  He's right on the 50th percentile.  He got to drop his morning dose of his reflux meds, so he's just on it at night to ensure that any post-nasal drip doesn't inflame his throat and cause him to cough--which he sometimes does.  I'm bummed we couldn't get him off it, but one less dose is progress.  We still have to go back in six months, though.  At my appointment, the doctor was bummed that the steroids didn't work to bring my smell and taste back.  Believe me, so was I.  She set me up for an MRI, just to rule out anything more serious, and I need to go to an allergist to get retested.  If the allergy treatment I end up with doesn't work, it may just be that I got a rare virus at some point, and my smell is gone for good.  Brutal, huh?  I had the MRI yesterday, which was a weird experience.  It was clear, so there's officially nothing obvious causing my problems.  I'm actually looking forward to the allergy stuff--not the testing, maybe--but I'm eager to see where my allergies stand 20 years after I originally got tested.  And hopefully whatever treatment I end up on will get things under control.  Hopefully I'll not only feel great, but smell and taste great, too.

- I had my first awkward-around-other-people Jacob moment this week.  We were in line at the grocery store, and when we got to the cashier, Jacob looked at the kid, who had a bit of an acne problem.  He said, "He has boo-boos?" and it took me a second to look up and see what he was talking about.  Well, once I saw, I tried to distract him by asking about a boo-boo he got at daycare that day.  He kept trying to move the topic back, but I did everything in my power to keep steering it back to Jacob.  I hope that kid didn't take it personally.

- Tonight I took Jacob to the gym with me.  They have child care hours in the early evening, and I've never taken advantage of them.  But with Craig gone, I don't have much of a choice if I want to work out.  I wanted to get in one last good workout before Tuesday's race, so off we went.  We brought Jacob's lacrosse stick and hockey stick, because even though it makes me a little nervous with other kids around, Jacob is pretty conscientious with them and I knew that they could keep him occupied for a long time.  There are other toys there, but it never hurts to have backup.  When I came in after my workout, he was playing Legos and had build a "Blue Cross Arena" (where the Amerks and Knighthawks play).  The woman there was like, "So he really likes sports, huh?"  Ummm...yeah.  Lord knows what he talked to her about while he was in there.  Knowing him, I can hardly imagine...nothing like a new, captive audience.  Have I mentioned how ridiculously chatty Jacob is these days?  He will go on and on about anything.  He will talk about things in amazing detail, so who knows what that poor woman had to listen to.  I'll admit that it's amazing how Jacob is now understanding things and picking up on so many tiny details.  Definitely more of a little boy every day.

- The last couple nights Jacob's worn big boy underwear for a little while.  Not long--perhaps not even long enough to have an accident--but maybe these little spurts are a good confidence-builder for him.  I'll try anything at this point.  One of these days it'll all click with him, so why couldn't this be the start of it?

- Jacob is driving me nuts these days because he's become the king of stalling and excuses and ignoring requests to do things because he's busy doing something else.  He will stall by saying he's sleepy, and curl up on the floor.  He'll pretend to work on cleaning up, but then he'll instantly be distracted by another toy.  Instead of leaving daycare (or even the gym today), he'll try to pull out another toy or try to play instead of just listening and coming.  The fact that I know he understands what I'm asking but chooses to ignore me is so infuriating.  Just when it seems like the irrationality of the terrible twos is fading away, it's replaced by the direct defiance that will probably toture us for years to come.  I do miss the days when he was a baby and didn't even know how to defy me. 

Well, I'm off to attempt to go to bed early for the first night of this little experiment.  I'm definitely tired enough!  Oh, and the added bonus?  I didn't really have enough time to snack, so not only will I get more sleep, but I'll eat less!  Here goes nothin'...

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