Monday, May 30, 2011

The rest of the story...

When I went to check in on Jacob after he'd been in bed a good hour or so after his early bedtime, he sort of indicated that when he woke up in the morning, he would listen.  To test out that notion, I told Jacob that he could earn back his sticks if he was good at church.  Church has been a tough place for us, so I figured that if we could pull it off, it was a win-win.  And sure enough, he did well.  He had some moments, but unlike a lot of times, when I talked to him about the things he was attempting to do, he stopped.  Miracles happen. 

After lunch and nap, we headed off to my aunt and uncle's house here in town for a Memorial Day picnic.  My parents were there and we had a very nice time.  The food was great, the company was enjoyable, and Jacob exhausted himself playing with his cousins and my parents.  Here's a shot of Jacob "making a shot", with a little help from Uncle Mark!
 He was super cute trying to play basketball (among other sports)...

He went down quickly once we got home, and I spent part of the evening finally starting the one big project I wanted to do while Craig was gone--photographing and sorting Jacob's artwork.  I only got through a portion of it, but it went well as far as I can tell.  I photographed all of them, pulled out a bunch that would be good candidates for my framing project, and sorted out a batch that can be tossed.  Not many...mostly coloring book pages and anything unidentifiable.  The evening ended with a nasty thunderstorm, but thankfully, the frightening gusts of wind didn't do any damage and the frequent thunder and lightning didn't wake Jacob up.

This morning Craig called and let us know he was on the way home from Buffalo...finally!  It was so nice to see him finally walk in the door!  Shortly after he got in, he showed Jacob the souvenirs he brought him--a Czech t-shirt, a little Czech hockey guy to add to his collection, and a tiny little Czech jersey that's technically a window hanging but should fit one of his stuffed animals perfectly.
 And here's a picture of Craig's bronze medal as part of Team USA...
 After lunch and nap we headed off to visit friends and watch the NCAA Division I Lacrosse Championship.  Yesterday Craig's cousin Lucas won the Division II Championship with the Mercyhurst Lakers, Craig's alma mater.  The team is also coached by one of Craig's groomsmen at our wedding, so it's awesome that they won.  While we were there, Jacob unearthed a hockey helmet from the pile of toys.  He loved it, of course.
I just missed getting a picture of him in a Star Wars storm trooper helmet.  That was funnier, but this was cute.

Mr. Serious, hockey stick in hand.
All in all, it was a nice weekend, but they're never long enough.  It's been a crazy week and a half, and I think we're all exhausted.  Between Craig's travel and the time change, a busy week on this end, and the general letdown after it all, I think we could all use more time to recover.  We did what we could to make up for lost time today, and hopefully we'll have a little time this week before our busy summer weekends really get going.  But we're happy to have Craig home and it will be nice to get things back to normal.  As long of a week as it was, I think it went more quickly than I expected, and save for a couple really challenging periods, it was a nice time to bond with Jacob.  But I will gladly welcome Craig back and look forward to once again having backup and support, both physically and emotionally.  That, my friends, is huge.  And now, let the summer begin :)

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