Monday, May 23, 2011

The Post After I Jinxed Myself

So, yeah, I totally jinxed us with my "things are going well" post.  I woke up sometime after 1am Sunday morning feeling like crap.  My stomach felt heavy and crampy, and despite numerous trips to the bathroom--lower half only--it never entirely cleared up.  I woke up every hour or so for the rest of the night, which made for a really horrible night of sleep in general.  I was dehydrated and had very little energy by the time Jacob woke up.  We did manage to get to church once I confirmed that my breakfast was going to settle okay, but Jacob was a disaster there.  The first half went fine, but he spent most of the rest of the time running and jumping and being loud.  We left the family room (where being loud is practically expected) twice to have little chats.  I did yard work again for most of Jacob's nap (exhausting) and then had to fight off my own desire to nap after he woke up.  I just wanted to lay on the couch while he played, but he wouldn't leave me alone for even a minute.  It absolutely sucks when your body is betraying you and you have no backup.

In the midst of that, Craig called and we finally had a decent chat.  His bag was now in Berlin (as of tonight, he has it back in his possession), his brand new work computer has a damaged ethernet card/modem, and he's still got no phone service.  However, he's having one heck of an experience and will get to do some sightseeing later this week.  It was nice to talk to him, but it's hard because we both have so much going on in such different worlds.  I'm excited for him, but I'll admit it--I'm exhausted already.

Originally we were planning on going to the zoo after Jacob's nap, but the weather was iffy and I had threatened the loss of the zoo trip and playing basketball in our basement (two things Jacob really wanted to do) at church, so that was out.  Instead we headed down to Henrietta to hit up a couple stores (just before their 6pm close) to buy Jacob's bedrail for his convertible crib and a taller, fold-up stool that I saw in an ad really cheap.  I had been eyeing up the same style for a while but I had never seen one that cheap.  Jacob needed a higher stool for various bathroom activities and it seemed like a perfect fit.  Jacob was fine during both of those stops, but halfway through dinner he started acting horribly, and it continued through our final stop at Kohl's.  Kohl's was AWFUL, actually.  He was rambling on and on about nothing, yelling, telling me to shut up (yes, his words, not mine!) over and over, grabbing at everything, and just generally being disrespectful and downright rude...and laughing through every attempt at curbing the behavior.  I don't know where it came from.  It took everything in me to not slap him across the face.  Honestly.  I don't know if I have ever been that angry at him.  He lost his chance to play outside once we got home, and he had to go to bed right away.  I did try to sit with him and chat about the source of his behavior, but I didn't get anywhere.  He was out by about 8:30 or so, so I'm hoping it was just sleep deprivation since he took a long time to fall asleep Saturday night and was up early considering.  But wow, it was awful.  Oh, and he also lost his hockey and lacrosse sticks, as well as his menagerie of stuffed animals in his crib.  Luckily that didn't impact his ability to fall asleep.

I'll admit that I'm not happy with much of how the day went from my perspective.  I know that I was tired and that never helps my patience level.  While I could have stayed in and napped, I knew that the yard work needed to get done.  Our backyard was a disaster--between weeds and all of the dried grass from Friday's mowing) and the only clear-ish weather day this week is tomorrow when I'm running the Corporate Challenge.  So if I didn't do it then, it wouldn't get done this week, and next weekend is still up for grabs.  So, off I went.  So I was tired and a little snappy, and it was a bad mix with Jacob's extra energetic crazy streak.  I don't even know how to describe how he was acting other than that he was nuts.  He was rambling on and on about nothing, yelling, and completely unresponsive to any effort to make him stop.  I asked him nicely to just quiet down for a couple minutes when we were in a fitting room, and that's when the "shut up" stuff started...and continued throughout the store.  No matter what I threatened, no matter what I said, he just continued.  He just marched right through my threats.  And rest assured, I followed up on them...but he was similarly unfazed, even though they impacted many of his normal favorites.  So strange.

I'd like to say he was better this morning, and he was delightful at times, but when I handed him his shirt to put on, he threw it across the room and ignored my subsequent requests for him to put it on.  And in that case, I can't wait all day because we have to leave by a certain time for him to get breakfast at daycare (and it seems a little cruel to allow him to miss breakfast--both for his sake and his teachers'), so I had to dress him myself.  I try to frame instances like that--where he won't do something so I have to do it for him--as, "Fine, I guess Mommy has to do it for you like you're a baby, not like you're a big boy," so instead of him "winning" the confrontation, he instead has to deal with any perceived humiliation from being treated like a baby, which he doesn't want to be.  However, he doesn't always get the connection...or at least, he does momentarily, whines about it, and then goes right back to the "baby" behavior. 

Tonight was better, though some of that ugly behavior did show up--in throwing food at dinner (though he did eat zucchini!), in stubbornness when getting himself dressed and cleaning up before bed--but we had some nice moments, too.  He had a nice, dry hour in big boy underwear, we sat on the couch and pretended to be on a train (first to the "moo-seum" and then to Buffalo), and an uneventful quick trip to Wegmans.  Long story short, the good moments are better than ever, and the bad moments are getting to be the worst we've seen.  Ugh.

On a lighter note, here are some pictures from our ice cream eating on Saturday.  For those of you familiar with DeeDee's in Niagara Falls, this place is pretty similar.  The cones are HUGE.  Jacob's baby cone was at least the size of my closed fist.  Yet, he ate most of it, hence why it took him forever to fall asleep that night...hello, sugar.
We put his cone in a dish to stem the rapid melting.  He's eating the cone after eating about 1/3 of his ice cream.  He loves cones, if I haven't mentioned it in a while.

There's his dish, overflowing with soft serve and sprinkles.  He was digging in despite the mess.

And this is some of the craziness that happens when your child eats a massive amount of sugar.  He was running back and forth around the area where we were sitting, running back at us yelling.  Crazy boy.
So, more day, one day closer to Craig coming home...but we still have plenty to keep us occupied until then...

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