Sunday, May 1, 2011

Getting Away

The opportunity presented itself for us to get away this weekend...alone.  The Knighthawks are playing in Toronto today (as I type) in a playoff game.  Originally the plan was to bring Jacob, but then I got to thinking and decided that it might be a good opportunity for us to get away alone.  After my mom spent most of last Saturday with my grandma and missed out on prime Jacob time, I thought she might appreciate the bonus time.  And Lord knows we're probably a little overdue for time away.  By all accounts our last night away might have been last January (as in, 2010) when we were in Toronto.  Craig gets time away on his roadtrips, not that they're relaxing, but a change of scenery is always nice.  My nights away from Jacob are considerably fewer and farther between.  The last time was back in March when I stayed in NT in the midst of my aunt's funeral activities.  Before that I think it might have been a night in NT back in June before my big trip to IKEA for my beloved bookshelf.  Suffice it to say it doesn't happen often.  And most of the time, that's ok.  I love Jacob, I enjoy hanging out with him, and considering all the time we spend away from him during the week, the weekend is important.  But sometimes when you have an opportunity for downtime, you have to take it.  Parents need time away to reconnect, kids sometimes need a little change of scenery and quality time with other people, and those other people need a little quality time with the kids.  It works out for everyone, I think. 

So far Jacob has been an angel.  We left him with my parents last night before we headed off to a dinner with Craig's family where his dad and brother were honored for their involvement with the local VFW post.  He was a delight, thank goodness.  As we left he even told them that he wasn't going to cry.  What a big, strong boy.  Today has been much of the same.  He was apparently good at church and has even been cooperative with going on the potty, which is great.  See what I mean about a change of scenery being a good thing?

Hopefully we'll all appreciate each other that much more when we're reunited tomorrow afternoon.  We're spending a night in a cheap hotel room I got via Travelocity's secret deals (you don't know your hotel until you book), at more than 50% off.  We'll hit up a couple of our usual stops--IKEA among them--and head back for a little quality time with Jacob.  I'm just hoping for a good night's sleep since we should, in theory, be able to sleep in.  We always enjoy our time here, and while it was fun to include Jacob last time (and I feel a little guilty about being in one of his favorite places without him), it's nice to have it be just the two of us for a little bit.  It always brings back good memories, and it's a good opportunity to do some advance shopping for Jacob's birthday or other milestones--be it at IKEA, the Hockey Hall of Fame, or Chapters book store, where I'm once again going on a hunt for a new Brady Brady book.

Well, it's late int he Knighthawks game and despite a much better second half effort, it looks like the season is going to come to an end tonight.  As always, that's good news-bad news around our house.  Good to have Craig around  (although most likely he's working the summer season for a team in Hamilton, which is starting soon enough), sad that the season didn't end well, and back to the refrain that the Knighthawks season starts "after Christmas".  Seems like we were just saying that, and Jacob's already been back at it since the last home game a few weeks ago. 

Well, for now I'll leave you with a couple pics from the weekend...first, my Mother's Day present... 

We got a Christmas present a couple years ago with the same verse.  This one is much cuter, other than the fact that the Christmas gift featured Jacob's adorable face.
 And one of Jacob...
He was playing with my dad's lighted magnifying glass, looking at his hand.  Couldn't resist the smile!
I'm sure I'll have more to report after our evening and day tomorrow, but for now I'm off...

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