Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Snow....and another video...

Over the weekend my parents introduced Jacob to playing in the snow. Well, that's not entirely true. He has played with snow at daycare. They brought it in to the infant rooms and put on their mittens and let them go to town, but they never took the little kids out into the snow. As much as I've wanted to take Jacob out to play in the snow at home, there just never seemed to be a good time to do it. We do have a like-new hand-me-down snowsuit, but I was going back and forth on buying him boots, since he'd only use them for a short time (and pretty much only when we were home on weekends at that, since daycare wasn't doing it either). I figured that he'd get more out of it next year anyway, so if we didn't have to spend that $25 this year, why bother? Oh, and $25 is about as cheap as I could find boots in his size. Crazy.

Once he switched daycares, though, he was officially with toddlers and they do go outside in the snow...though I don't think they have yet. So, off I went to Payless to buy some boots. He hated them at first but seemed to warm up to them once he saw them on his feet in the mirror. However, walking was a challenge because he's not used to having such stiffness at the ankles! Of course, since I bought them the snow has melted and he hasn't been able to use them. I keep hoping, though...even if it means we'll have more snow this winter. I really liked the 50 degree temps the other day...but oh, well.

Anyway, this weekend the weather was moderate enough to play outside a bit and Jacob was lucky enough to be staying with my parents while we were in Toronto. As such, he was treated to a long-awaited wagon ride and he got his first experience with snowballs. And for a kid who loves balls as much as Jacob does, does it get any better than that? Here's a little sampling of the fun...

Classic stuff. And one of these days hopefully his boots will get some use! We have a sled just waiting for him!

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