Sunday, January 3, 2010

Illness Update

Well, two down...maybe one to go? Last night around 2am Craig officially caught Jacob's virus. He was up pretty much all night in the bathroom. Which, of course, meant I was up pretty much all night worrying about whether or not I was next. To add more fun, Jacob was up half the night coughing. I think all of the throwing up the other day irritated his throat, which is probably fairly easy to do considering all he's dealt with in the coughing realm, and he's had a nasty cough ever since. So, from the time I woke up hearing Craig puking in the bathroom around 3:30am, I think Jacob was awake as well. He may have been coughing in his sleep a bit, but how high quality sleep can that really be? At one point I went in to give him some water in hopes that might calm the cough a bit, and there he was, staring right up at me. I'll give him credit, though...he hardly cried at all and remained pretty content the whole time he was awake. He was actually in pretty good spirits the whole night when we were awake together. I brought him into bed with me to see if I could cuddle him into a sound sleep, but that barely worked and we probably only got an hour or so tops. On the bright side, Jacob didn't have any more diarrhea overnight, so hopefully he's in the clear.

Craig finally seemed to get a break from the bathroom camp-out around 10:30 or so, at which point Jacob and I headed out to Wal-Mart. I'd been on a quest to get him winter boots this weekend, but all of this illness had prevented that. I wouldn't have gone out at all this morning (i.e., we skipped church, for a multitude of reasons including my insecurity about my own health) except that Craig wanted some ginger ale and we needed a few other things. So off to Wal-Mart we went. It was a miserable drive and I'm just happy we made it there and back unscathed. Jacob fell asleep on the way home so he went into his crib when we got back. I immediately headed out to the driveway and shoveled the whole thing because there was a lot of snow there and I'm the only one who can do it right now! So, now I'm back in the house, Jacob is waking up, and I'm getting myself hydrated to make sure that I am good to go in the event I do get this bug. I'm feeling like an endangered species right now considering I'm the only one in the house without it, but hopefully I'll somehow power through this. And if not, I guess I get another day or two off and hopefully it'll be over fairly quickly. We shall see...

Off to get my baby boy now...stay warm!

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