Monday, January 18, 2010

Words and other stuff...

Ahhh, it's been almost another week since I've last posted and I feel like I haven't posted pics in ages. And alas, that won't happen today either. I've been a little lazy with the camera lately, I guess. We had another busy weekend that seems like it should have had a couple photo ops, and it probably did, but I never put the camera in a convenient place and was always too lazy to run and get it when Jacob did something cute, because inevitably by the time I grab it, he's either no longer willing to do the cute activity or he's moved on to something else completely. My dad is bemoaning the show shutter speed of his new camera right now because he can't seem to catch Jacob's elusive smiles, and I have experienced much the same as I suppose my motivation is waning sometimes. Anyhoo...another busy weekend. We're a bit closer to getting the house we want, but we're losing a good chunk of money in the process because our buyers are probably buying beyond their means and as a result have a type of mortgage that screws us. However, that's the best we've got and we've only got a couple weeks to find something better before we'd risk losing the other house. We'll see if we keep our nerve...or maybe it's whether or not we come to our senses. Hmmm. I do know that I keep thinking how much nicer it will be to have more room for Jacob's toys and more storage for all of the baby stuff he keeps outgrowing, not to mention a generally more open floorplan for him to run around!

Jacob has been quite a trip lately. He goes between super fun and very frustrating, but luckily I'd say the fun outweighs the frustrating. He's gotten to be very playful, and I think he really appreciates us these days now that he's back at daycare. He's gotten a little more used to daycare, and his days are improving steadily. He's still not napping fantastically and drop-offs are still tough, but he seems to recover once I leave and apparently he's having more fun each day. I think that the new experiences are probably great for him, because he seems to come up with something new each day. He's really great with pretend play...talking on the phone, feeding his stuffed animals, playing catch with them, washing his hands in the play sink, stirring stuff in the play dishes, etc. He's also getting better and better with his sports. Tonight he actually hit a plastic ball that I pitched to him, and he loves scooting balls around the room with his little hockey stick. Of course, he's also getting the bumps and bruises to go along with the sports, because he's constantly falling into stuff. Not the most graceful yet, apparently. He got a big goose egg on his forehead tonight because he was walking around with his hands full. He's been better with going to bed lately, giving up on crying after a minute or two...or at least having the crying fits be a bit more sparse. Of course, he has taken to calling out "Mama" a lot when he's miserable in bed, so it doesn't leave me much choice but to check on him more often than I might otherwise. He hasn't done any more crib jumping, but we still have a bit of a crash pad under the crib anyway. He does show that same temper that moved him to jump out of the crib, though. He's gotten into a nasty hitting phase whenever he doesn't get his way. He's gotten me good a couple times and doesn't listen one bit if you say no...he'll hit right away again. Ugh. I think learning to talk more will help that, because right now he's got no other way to express his anger.

His vocabulary is growing all the time. He still doesn't say a lot clearly, but we do know a lot of what he says. He finally picked up "Knighthawks" over the weekend, which was a relief because he was calling the Knighthawks the Amerks all the time. He still uses the names interchangably, but we're getting there. He chants "Amerks, Amerks, Amerks" a lot, which is so cute! He had a great time at the Knighthawks game in Buffalo on Saturday. He was transfixed for a good portion of the game, even though we were high up in the 300 level, much farther away than usual. Lots to see, though, including a gigantic screen on the scoreboard. He says a lot of random, apple, stick, socks, hat, shoes, milk, more, cheese, banana ("nana"), all done, and probably lots more that I'm not thinking of. Oh, and he also does "Score" for hockey goals and "Touchdown", complete with hand/arm motions. He's working on all of his grandparent names, too. He's getting better with animals and sounds, and even did a good job with some of the Itsy Bitsy Spider moves last week. You can tell that he understands a lot of what we're saying, though there are times he just says "yes" or "no" without knowing the consequences. There's still a lot more I'd like to see him do, like put words together or sing songs or tell me when something's bothering him, but I guess we're not there yet. Every kid is different, that's for sure!

Hopefully I'll have more pictures soon...

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