Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Weekend Review

Well, it was a bit of a mixed weekend for us this weekend. Saturday was perfect, Sunday was far from it. Friday night was good, with a visit from Lori during which Jacob fell asleep in my arms by about 8:30. His sleeping has been pretty inconsistent these days, with one good night interspersed among a few bad ones. I think it's teething still, but it's driving us nuts. Sometimes he'll go down fine, sometimes not. Sometimes he sleeps soundly until the middle of the night and then wakes up periodically for a few hours, or maybe he'll wake up crying before we're even in bed and then sleep through after that. It's been tough, and I think it's got us all a little tired...hence his early drop off on Friday. I think he might have had one episode that night before I was in bed, but mercifully he let me sleep for most of the night because Craig was out of town and I would have been on my own. Saturday we slept in a bit and then quickly got ready and headed off to the airport to pick up Craig from his lacrosse roadtrip. Jacob was a little cranky on the drive there and back, but from then on he was awesome all day. Craig stopped at home for a short time and then was back off to work, so it was just Jacob and me all day. He napped relatively early and I had to wake him up in time to get out of our house for a 1:30 showing. We went out to McDonald's for lunch and I greatly enjoyed feeding him a burger. He really liked it and was so cute while he ate it. I know that's a bad habit to get him into, but we won't do it that often and I think the taste of a McDonald's burger is one of the most memorable tastes of my own childhood. I got into many more exotic things at McDonald's in recent years, and just in the last year or so rediscovered the plain ol' hamburger. It totally takes me back to the days of my youth when I would beg for a Happy Meal. So, yeah, it was cute seeing Jacob enjoy his burger so much! After that we went out for a quick shopping trip to Kohl's. We had to take back a Christmas gift for Craig, and I browsed the clearance racks a bit. I found a 3T shirt for Jacob for $4.20 that will fit him down the road, but that was about it. I did pick up a little Toy Story-themed Doodle Pro for him (the Fisher-Price version of the MagnaDoodle). I'd been wanting to get him one since Christmas and just hadn't gotten around to it, and they were on sale cheap. He definitely likes it, even though he doesn't entirely get it yet--which came back to bite me a bit on Sunday. More on that later. But anyway...I gave it to him on the way home and I enjoyed looking back at him randomly drawing away. After we got home and played a bit, I noticed he seemed to be getting tired. Since he'd already had a good hour and a half nap earlier (prior to our house showing), I figured I'd take the opportunity to snuggle him a bit. And sure enough, he snuggled right in with me on the couch. He napped for another hour and a half while I caught up on a long-awaited, DVR'ed Biggest Loser episode. Once he woke up, I made him a can't-miss dinner of hot dogs, cheese, and fruit, and then we were off to the Knighthawks game. Jacob says "Knighthawks" about 100 times a day ("Ai-awks"), so I figured he'd have fun. And indeed he did. Of course, he did start getting tired once it was way past his bedtime, and he actually managed to fall asleep for part of the 4th quarter, despite the crazy amount of noise around us. That was a first. Ironically, there was a six-week old baby down the row from us who was awake and fighting sleep like crazy. And yes, six weeks seems young to have a baby at a lacrosse game. She was so tiny and it was so loud! I guess I can't throw stones too much because I did have Jacob at a lacrosse game on his six-week birthday, but it was an outdoor game with fresh air and more muted noise, so I tend to think that was a little better than the Knighthawks game, which is sometimes loud for even me. Yikes. Jacob woke up near the end of the game and stayed awake for the ride home, but he went down pretty easily that night and only woke up a couple times, each time for a mere couple minutes. Easy.

So...Sunday morning. He slept in until about 9:30, which I was hoping would mean he'd be all caught up on his sleep. But I knew better and figured it might be the start of a long day off his schedule. The two of us went to church (Craig was working again) and I decided to sit in church this time since Jacob had been doing it so much lately, through the holidays and then the past two weekends at my parents' church. Might as well strike while the iron's hot! He did pretty good through most of the service, though he was a little chatty. But at least it was mostly happy chatter. He doesn't quite get the "Shhhhh..." thing yet so that was a little tough. He did want to try to use the pew pens to write on his Doodle Pro, and he did get a little antsy, but for the most part he was good. But at some point right near a quiet moment at the end of the service, he decided to get frustrated that (I think) his Doodle Pro pen wouldn't come off the string that connected it to the drawing board. Ugh. He flipped and I quickly threw all of our stuff in the diaper bag, grabbed the coats and headed out. He was still cranky in the narthex while I tried to put on his coat, and thus began a cranky day. No matter what we did, Jacob had a (negative) opinion about it. He was cranky though lunch and about going down for a nap, and only napped for an hour. In the late afternoon we headed out to do some quick shopping, and then went to the Amerks game (a much earlier one this time). Jacob fought me when I tried to feed him dinner there, but for the most part he was pretty good at the game. He did try to escape a little more often than usual. I was impressed, however, that he managed to hold on to one of his mini-hockey sticks the entire time we were there. It took him half an intermission and an entire period to eat 2/3 of a hot dog, but at least he was fairly content while doing it. He fell asleep before we were even on the highway to go home, so I know he was tired. But once we were home he fought sleep for a good hour or more. And then at 1am he proceeded to wake up miserable and screaming, and despite lots of rocking, rubbing and a dose of Tylenol, nothing worked. Finally I had the brainstorm to go grab a teething ring, and like magic, he calmed down and drifted off. Why didn't I think of that an hour earlier?!

Last night was more of the same, with Jacob waking up pretty much every hour starting around 1am, miserable. I think at least one tooth is finally breaking through, but we still have a long way to go. He was hysterical for a long time last night, and wouldn't even take the teething ring this time. Craig took the brunt of the getting up last night as I seem to be low on patience these days. He spent most of yesterday afternoon napping after his busy weekend, so I figured he had a little more in the reserves than I did. It's just so frustrating when nothing--Tylenol, rocking, teething rings, etc.--works. What can you do when you need sleep? All of us need sleep, Jacob included. Hopefully this will pass soon and we'll all get back to some sort of normalcy.

Oh, and as if teething wasn't enough, Jacob's got horrible diaper rash, drooling rash on his face, and a horribly itchy, scaly ear--presumably eczema that we're trying to treat with hydrocortisone and Cetaphil. Poor kid is not having a good couple weeks. And neither are his parents, for that matter. Add in house stress, and it's a lot to handle. We've got ours sold (for the second time, now to a more stable buyer), though it's still a pretty crappy deal for us, but at least it allows us to get a house we love. I'll keep you posted on that, too. Hope everyone has a better week, and pray for all of us to get some sleep!

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