Monday, January 4, 2010

Another illness update...

Well, things still aren't quite back to normal. I'm still hanging in there but the boys are recovering. Craig is home today getting his strength back by finally eating some real food, and Jacob is still not quite himself. He still wouldn't eat much yesterday but was drinking like a champ. He took a nap in the afternoon, first on Craig, then on me, and we both noticed he felt a little warm. Sure enough, he had a fever. His nose also started running like a faucet, so it looks like perhaps he picked up another something somewhere along the way. His nasty cough, the one that kept him awake that I thought was caused by irritation from hours of vomiting, may be part of the new cold instead. The fever was gone this morning but apparently he's kicking out some pretty impressive poops for his day home with daddy. I guess it'll take a while to get his hydration up and running correctly so his system can get itself sorted out. I would think that eating would help with that, but he's still not into that yet either. The past couple poopy diapers have closely resembled the ones he had before the days of solid food. So odd to see! I just want him to get back to normal, both for his sake and so we can finally get in his first day at the new daycare...and have him be the charming, funny little boy he normally is. I want his first impression to be good, you know? We'll see what tomorrow brings. Hopefully we're all feeling well and we can get our "new normal" up and running! But, for tonight I'm bringing home the work laptop, just in case. My stomach is still making noises but so far it's held out. I talked to one other mom in my office whose whole family got it and she managed to avoid it, so I'll keep my fingers crossed!

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