Saturday, January 23, 2010

A day away...

Today Craig and I are in Toronto, sans Jacob. We're back in a familiar spot, the Air Canada Centre press box, which I have blogged about before. I was here when I was pregnant and Jacob got to listen to Craig in utero when I put headphones on my belly. I visited again back in March, when I was pumping in the press box. Have I mentioned how much I don't miss that? It was good in many ways but I don't miss lugging that pump around! We're staying overnight tonight, which means that Jacob is without us for the night. We haven't done this in a while, since the summer, and I think it's good for all of us. It's always nice to get a little child-free time for Craig and me, and it never hurts to give Jacob a little practice being apart from us. Grandma and Grandpa are keeping him busy, and as of this afternoon he was doing well. I always feel a little guilty when I'm not with him on the weekend, since we normally wait all week to be together for two whole days. I know Jacob loves his time with us so it's always a tough call to forego it for any reason. Hence the reason I sort of shrugged my shoulders when the doctor mentioned this week that I should probably work out more than once a week. I want to be in shape, but really, time with Jacob is just so much more important right now. I feel bad enough about the one night a week I'm not home until 7pm and rush through dinner only to have about 15 minutes with him before we start moving toward bedtime. But having time alone with Craig is always nice, particularly when it's something that we used to do a lot pre-kids. It brings back fond memories and gives us a chance to just focus on each other for a change...minus the pressures of home life, no less. We can eat meals without worrying about what Jacob will eat, sleep as late as we want, and even enjoy an adult beverage or two if we so desire. And all along it's good to know Jacob is getting in some quality time with his grandparents, who are no doubt enjoying him a lot. Of course, the joy of being grandparents is that they can give him back just when they're starting to tire of his constant stair climbing and repeated "ball" references. Oh, and let's not forget that they can get a good night's sleep on Sunday if tonight is a disaster. Oh, and by the way, Jacob does not have another ear infection. The doctor said his ears were fine, so his wake-ups lately are probably just teething related. I think his top two incisors are on their way. Last night was a disaster as we drove to NT late at night. Jacob went to bed around 8:30 and woke up when we tried to get him in the car at 11:30. He whined until we hit Batavia about an hour later, then slept until we made it to my parents' house at 1am. He woke up again, this time wide awake, and wouldn't settle down at all. He wouldn't snuggle with us in bed, he wouldn't lay in his crib, and we were just about at our wits' end by 2am when he finally settled down. He only slept until about 7:45 this morning, but at least we got a few good hours before hitting the road to Toronto. We left Jacob happily pushing my old baby doll buggy around my parents' house, and here we are. The Knighthawks stunk it up tonight in one of their worst losses ever (and they scored an all-time low of three goals), so that wasn't very fun. But we should have a pleasant night out and hopefully a low cost but fun stop at IKEA tomorrow on the way back. I have a couple Jacob-related purchases in mind, but we'll see. Still, I can't wait to see Jacob tomorrow and give him a big hug...I miss his little smiling face! Oh, and good news...I got some cute pics of Jacob last night so hopefully I'll post those soon! Happy weekend!

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