Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Nineteen Months...

Well, Jacob turns 19 months today. Wow. He has been a part of our lives in some form for over two years now, if you count time from the moment we found out I was pregnant. Even if you just count from the first time we saw him on the ultrasound at 10 weeks or so, we're still looking at a good 25 months. It's really starting to be a long time now. When I thought about the 19 month thing, it hit me that we're officially closer to Jacob's second birthday than his first. That is just insane. And yet everyday I see this little boy wandering around our house, usually on a mission, and I'm wondering what happened to the helpless little baby we brought home. He's now an increasingly independent little boy. Of course, then he has a total meltdown and I remember that that baby is sitting right in front of me after all.

So who is he these days? Well, let's see...He's silly and sweet with a stubborn streak and a nasty temper. We're working on that. He's getting to be a better eater, and he's a decent sleeper most of the time...but don't ask him to nap much longer than an hour and a half because that's never been his style. He tends to be very loving and nurturing when he's in a good mood, giving strong hugs and little kisses to people and stuffed animals alike. He will share his sippy cup with his stuffed animals, too, and loves to feed Mommy and Daddy his food. He says "hi" to seemingly everyone and everything when we're out and about, whether it's a stranger or some inanimate object.

He's still probably more of a Mama's boy than a Daddy's boy, but he has his moments where Daddy is the center of the universe. And most of those have something to do with sports or naps, depending on the day. He can be a great snuggler when he's in the mood. But most of his world these days revolves around sports. It's pretty rare that he's walking around the house without a ball, bat, or hockey stick in his hands. Sometime he's got all three. He says "ball", "touchdown", and "score" more than probably almost any other word, except for maybe "Mama" and "Dada". And even then it's probably a closer race than I think, since he's got about nine Mama- and Dada-free hours each day (sad, I know) and balls are probably closer to his consciousness than we are. Watching a sporting event (live or on TV) is one of the few things that will get him to willingly sit still for any reasonable amount of time. He takes great pride in showing off his baseball swing, and he hit an actual "pitched" ball for the first time the other night!

His smile and laugh are two of my favorite things in the world. His dimple is a hit wherever we go. I'm sure people tell other people that their kids are cute all the time, but we hear it a LOT. And that's before people even get to see his personality! I know that the folks at his old daycare appreciated him, and I think at least some of the folks at the new one are starting to get it too, now that he doesn't spend half the day crying.

He's definietly an observer and can pick out the tiniest detail. I think that's part of the reason "eyeball" was among his first real words--after constantly pointing to the eyeballs on the little animals on the wall next to his changing table. We can walk through the Wegmans bulk foods department and he will point out the one tiny candy dispenser that has a sports ball on it, and from six feet away, no less. I think it's also the reason he becomes almost catatonic when we first get to a hockey or lacrosse game. He's just so intent on taking it all in that he doesn't want to expend his energy talking or clapping.

He's pretty fearless most of the time and seems to have a bit of a daredevil streak in him. He doesn't really understand danger yet, but we try to prevent problems by teaching him to go down steps and off furniture backwards, feet first. He loves being propped up in the air on my feet, being on shoulders, and any other thing that gets him off the ground. I have a feeling I may have a thrill ride buddy down the line, as long as he didn't get Daddy's low tolerance of spinning and sudden drops. As much as the spirit may be willing, it doesn't do much good if the body is weak!

Although the tough times are hard to deal with sometimes, we couldn't be happier with the awesome little boy that's taken over our lives. We enjoy him every day and look forward to watching him grow up more and more!

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