Tuesday, April 28, 2009


When Craig and I first moved into our house, we discovered some tulips trying to come up in the back yard. They were just randomly placed right up near the house. They never had blossoms...just leaves. There were a few other things back there, as well--some chives and grape hyacinths. One summer I decided to dig most of them up, just because their random placement in the grass left them vulnerable to Craig and the lawn mower. I never did get all of them, though, because some were really buried deep and I gave up digging when the greenery snapped off and I couldn't find the bulb. The bulbs actually sat around for a couple years in our garage, and last fall, just for kicks, I planted some in our front planter. I didn't even expect them to do anything, but a lot of leaves sprouted this spring. And believe it or not, one actually bloomed. It's orange. Then the other day I noticed that one of the remaining backyard ones had a blossom coming as well. That one was yellow. Yesterday when Jacob and I got home, we walked outside so I could try to take pictures of them. They're not much to see so I was really just going the artistic route. I didn't really have much luck with the one out front, as you can see above. I did a little better with the yellow one in the back, and then accidentally took a sort of cool picture:

In case you can't tell, it's a silhouette of Jacob and me cast on our house's foundation, with the tulip in the foreground. I just thought it was cool. I don't think there's any significance in the fact that these are the first blossoms we've had in our time here and it's also Jacob's first spring, but it's neat nonetheless.

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